• Kakutou Imouto (Grappling Sister)


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  • Anonymous

    There are 2 love endings. :)

  • Anonymous

    Ok yeah, the above is stupidly long, so I'm gonna put this simply.-------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For apathy - rape, don't let the bar fill above blue talk 1 then 3, repeat rape step.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For lewd - repeat apathy, but let the bar fill.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- For love - don't rape, then after winning choose top------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For reversal - repeat love steps, but choose bottom-------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cant believe how long it took me to work them out after reading that.

  • Anonymous

    turnabout is 2 light punishment then bottom option

  • Anonymous

    turnabout doesnt work

  • Anonymous

    No incest end? I have no idea how to get it.

  • Anonymous

    I can't get the Slut ending, every time i do it just goes to the turnaround ending

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