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    Post a quick description of yourself and your phone number, and if you like someone else's' description, Sext with them!

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  • Anonymous

    guy also the dude that just submitted his phone number:

  • Anonymous

    my phone number is 1 337 3482665

  • selfhelp1985

    I'm Justin a 28 year old tattooed man looking for a girl over 18 to sext....hit me up with your number. cant wait to chat. I allso do skype ; ) (617) 651-1344

  • afimediss

    tall 6ft 3, i have a 6 pack. 16 yrs. old, 8inches and straight.

  • zer0

    Forgot to sign it lol

  • Anonymous

    Lol I did the same thing so you're good

  • Kitten

    Oh.. I feel very stupid!

  • zer0

    you give or get a number then you start off slow or fast about what your going to do to each other.

  • Kitten

    Okay, now I got a new phone.. So, how does this sexting thing work? Im a little new at it..

  • Kitten

    You sounds hot! Im a girl, just turned 16.. Im 1.73 m tall. Blondie.. Hope you like big tits, cuz I can do some tricks.. with them. (My guy-friends certainly lve big tits, so Ive practised a bit) Hope you got turned up on me.. But Im sorry, Icant give my number, by guys.

  • gokil45


  • Anonymous

    im 15, tan, 5"8 alright body, normal dick. looking for any type of girl. number is 518-281-4027

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Im a 16yr old guy, im around 5 and a half feet tall and pretty skinny, ive got a 7.5 inch dick, and im looking to sext with any girls, message me at 575-973-4445 ;)

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