• Studio S Game Dump


    From the depth of HELL, I have found some Studio S games we don't have on here. For those who don't know what Studio S is, here's some examples:

    Yeah. Those guys. Probably had that blocked out of your memory by now, huh? Anyways, I'm dumping a some of their games because EVERYBODY wants some horrific guro and moonspeak ;)

    I'll explain each game in the comments. And some of these, I only have the filename to go off of, so the titles might be incorrect.

    (Will explain Ero Fuyu in next comment)

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    Oopsie, that anon was me. I guess I got logged out.

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    You guys should upload these when you're having trouble finding games.

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    Anytime, Lord SpamBot!

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    thanks for the files

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    Wowie you don't listen well ;)

    That's all the stuff that isn't put up behind a yen only paywall. That's literally all that there is to upload.

    Again, I might ask the people of gurochan to translate this stuff, but that's kind of a big order to demand upon them. I'll maybe request them sometime soon.

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    more stuff pls

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    If I feel like it, I'll ask the nice people of gurochan if they can translate these for us. They did it with Ryoujoku and Miku, after all...

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    And that's it.

    Well, until some kind soul takes the bullet for us and downloads the other, more recent games from the confusing dl site that only takes yen.

    Have fun mentally scarring yourselves ;)

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    Kyoumon Kyouka

    A weird game that has multiple branching paths, with different endings. You choose between a blue haired girl with glasses, or a red head girl who's packing a FUCKING HUGE dick. Torture them or rape them or both, whatever.

    Scars from whips, wax, safety pins and so forth carry over the the next levels. Sometimes you get more A and B choices.

    Vaguely lolicon, guro, torture, scat, piss, rape, and dickgirl (I don't think she has a pussy, just a dick and tits).

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    Eroge Natu (Title from File Name):

    Okay, wow. This... Had quite a lot of work put into it??? Has 7-8 endings.

    It's like Ryoujoku, but you can see her whole body, and there's this purple alien muscle man. She's probably a prisoner of a space war or something, and she gets daily torture.

    In fullscreen, there are some debug buttons if you wiggle the mouse around on the bar of tools at the bottom. The small whip icons are for filling or decreasing the bars, while the two big whips either fully scar and strip off her clothes, or... i don't know what else. The on/off button toggles that weird Japanese nose hook thing. The button next to that starts on a new day (or something) and resets her health, but keeps most of the scars. The button after that can turn the giant purple dude into a silhouette, in case he's killing your boner. The last button brings you back to the title screen, but it can be a little glitchy sometimes.

    The electric torture button has the sound effects for 1 and 2 get stuck, just go to 3 and stop to end the loop. Also, use the normal whip/electric whip on her face/pussy to wake her up if she faints. To sum, keep clicking until you reach the fastest speed and wait about 5 seconds or so for the animation. In order to fuck her, however, just remember to lift her leg up (the chain link button) first.

    This is insane and full of brutal torture, guro, rape, piss, and shit, along with futa (girl with both dick and cunt) in one ending.

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    Ero 05 (Title from File Name):

    Did you play Ero 02 and find yourself upset over the lack of shota? Then this is the game for you!

    Really. That's it. It's just the shota version of Ero 02, with a few minor differences, and a boy who sounds too much like a girl. Must just have one voice actor or something.

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    Ero 02 (Title from File Name):

    A young, almost loli brunette is, who woulda thought, tied up in a torture basement. After doing some long ass intro that would probably be better if you could understand it, you go into the game. Occasionally, you get choices A or B. Another branching game with different endings.

    The torture parts involve you doing many things to her, until her health runs out (although you can keep whipping her/sticking pins and so forth if you keep rapidly clicking on her). Whip marks and pins carry over to the next levels. DO NOT use the enema (white tube), or it'll just get stuck in a loop where she never shits. Also, you can use a vibrator on her until she orgasms if you don't like the torture.

    Lots of long ass scenes, so this is a great game for improving your patience. Piss, scat, rape, guro, torture, and humiliation in this game, along with lolicon.

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    Ero Fuyu (Title from file name):

    A brunette who won't take her socks off is tied up in some basement/dungeon. Your job is to either beat the shit out of her or rape her a lot. Or both. It's a game with branching paths, leading to different endings after doing certain things.

    First level, you can whip her tits infinitely, and can punch her face and stomach 10 times each, and on the eleventh, she passes out and you get the rougher path, where you fuck her with a dildo. Or, you can also click on her pussy to rub a vibrator on it, and wait until she orgasms to fuck her with your dick. On both the second levels, press space when you want her to cum/ejaculate in her, and move on to the next levels. Also, you can zoom in or out with the scroll wheel.

    After that, it should be self explanatory. Just click around if your stuck, and some scenes might go on for a while. Aside from rape and torture, this also has piss and scat. This is a recurring theme in Studio S games, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.