• new mlp porn game


    Guys why so few new mlp porn games? MOAR PORN

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  • Luneth

    better play the pony waifu sim, this game is the best XD

  • Anonymous

    the issue is Brony Raiders. you know, the ones who treat the fandom as a meme, so they buy an external drive, download Terabytes of mlp porn, and flood every site with it, enticing more to do the same. "yea, yea, post more, they getting so salty heheheheheh"

    then people get mad, they feed the trolls, and assholes like me know that explaining it all feeds them further, but fuck it, we are too fargone anyways. I've got half of _ blacklisted with one tag. mlp.

  • Anonymous

    I think the reason people hate on bronies is because of the specific type of brony that pretty much devotes their lives to MLP. You know where most bronies are just guys or gals that like to watch MLP, but then there's always that one that treats it like a religion instead of just a kids show like most bronies. Sadly they're the minority, they're just louder.

  • Anonymous

    The real cancer was when edgy teens started hating on bronies for the strangest reasons. In my experience dealing with them, they were just regular people that liked mlp lol

  • Anonymous

    Bronies were the cancer of the internet back when they were around, they have left a scar deeper than any other fandom on the face of the internet.

  • Anonymous

    is this guy seriously questioning why people hate mlp

  • Maestro99

    Why "thankfully"? Bronies used to be giant fandom, why would people even hate `em all?

  • Anonymous

    Because the franchise is (thankfully) dying nowadays with bronies being borderline extinct.