• Trials In Tainted Space 0.7.95


    You can find Slutshorroms on Tarkus(15% from all enemies)

    New Busts: Pregnant Rask, Syri

    New NPC: Ciaran

    New Scene: Milking Cameron

    New Quest: Azra’s Tarkus Expedition! Includes two possible fights, a number of unique sex scenes, one new item (at present – should be three total eventually), and the ability to develop your relation with her to a more intimate stage (with five new sex scenes to support it)!

    Updated a system for choosing a penis for a scene to better display why certain choices are unsuitable. Also updated it to allow for minimum requirements in the future.

    Riya can now impregnate player characters.

    Player characters can now impregnate submissive Sera.

    Some fixes and tweaks to Sera’s content.

    Nearly all items have been reworked to follow a point-buy system. Accessories are the only ones still remaining. Balance may be a bit wonky as things get easier or harder. Be sure to let me know if certain fights have swung too far in one direction or the other!

    Blind miss checks have been consolidated down into one function.

    A new item flag has been added that allows a weapon to ignore the effects of blind. Primarily intended for flamethrower-type weapons.

    Laser weapons have received a slight buff to accuracy to account for their essentially instantaneous velocity (and the fact that mirrored armor completely invalidates them).

    Melee weapons have been rebalanced and retuned using the new attribute weighting system.

    Mirrored armors are now more vulnerable to bullets.

    Two new shields added as rare drops from Sexbots and Beta Nyrea.

    Uveto now has a weather system and Savicite drops.

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