• Trials In Tainted Space 0.7.105



    Accupitch Lab & the SubTuner have received a rework including some new options involving a psychic tentacle creature and the ability to go out and meet some familiar faces while wearing the SubTuner. Writing by HugsAlright.

    (Sekrit Hotfix added to 0.7.95) Prai Ellit has been added to the game. You can run into him in the woods of Mhenga!

    Void Plate had its long name changed to be a bit less of a wall of text when stripping it off.

    Syri’s bust now has her trademark coat.


    HugsAlright’s SubTuner expansion should be fully implemented, including a decent swath of new content detailed below.

    New minor location added to Uveto: The Racetrack. Feel free to bet on races there and lose your money more often than not!

    Three “Date” scenes added at accupitch lab, featuring Saec and Belle.

    Added the “Hypnosis” experiment to the subtuner.

    Added new busts: Brandt (by Adjatha), and Chaurmine (by Shou).


    The second rare plant from Tarkus is now enabled in Azra’s menu. It comes to mind that I forgot to enable it as a rare drop as well. Expect that next patch.

    Jacques00 added a belly-size penalty status effect and overall reworked that system. Be sure and help us nail down all the bugs!

    A new bust for Azaphel and the raskvel traps has been added, drawn by Adjatha.

    Several item duplication bugs should be fixed.

    A few new items have been added that can expand the size of your base inventory.


    Kase (the pyrite satellite quest guy) got an expansion pack! HugsAlright wrote it, and UpcastDrake coded it (99% anyway). You can run into him at Burt’s after completing the mission.

    Kase can be recruited to your crew, though after meeting him in the bar, you only have a week to do so!

    Kase’s arm will take some time to heal before fun stuff can be had.

    I made sure to throw in some stuff for body part selections during fun scenes and capacity limits.

    I also made the oral scene player selectable instead of random, because I’m told non-robots like that. Robots too, I guess.

    Lots of fixes and tweaks.


    A new roaming shop has been added to the game. It has a semi-random inventory of exotic weapons for sale that vary in power based on the planet you encounter Kattom on.

    19 new weapons have been added to the game, largely cribbed from the weapon overhaul group that had been fed my way, with some tweaks and adjustments by yours truly.

    Kattom’s Uveto inventory is not in yet. I burned out after getting that far. It has Myrellion’s a placeholder, or Savicite if I bungled the planet name check.

    Jacques00 fixed a few things and fiddled with some save code. Hopefully nothing breaks!


    Kattom’s Uveto stocks have been loaded. Chainlasers! More bioweapons! A cold weapon that’s pretty awesome so long as you use it anywhere that isn’t Uveto!

    Kattom no longer appears in the first hazard square after 35 hours. Instead there’s a 1/10 chance of him appearing at that point.

    Once Kattom appears, he stays in a location for 35 hours. New to this patch is that a commerce marker will appear in the square he is in.

    The function that tracks Kattom’s appearance has been reworked so that he remains accessible even after backing out of your inventory, without having to leave and re-enter the room.

    Spunkshrooms have been added to the rare drops on Tarkus. Both spunkshrooms and slutshrooms now only drop if you have the appropriate genitalia to reduce inventory crowding.


    Motherhusks have been added into Azra’s plants menu as promised! All that remains are some tweaks and adjustments to her dialogue scenes, and I’ll have everything from her Tarkus Expedition all cleaned up!

    Motherhusks can raise your pregnancyIncubation multiplier up to a maximum of x7!


    ’ve finally added some sprite art for the planets that Crossman did for the various planetary landings.

    Added a new bust by BustedRadio for Liamme.

    New busts for Luca and Kase by Adjatha.

    Azra’s dialogue now has some edits for once you’re in a relationship with her. She’s a cutie.


    Added two new scenes by Nonesuch to the possible resolution to the Sydian Queen & Rask Traps encounter of Azra’s Tarkus Expedition.


    Added a new costume to Holiday’s inventory: Saurmorian, by Aullama. It occurs to me that I missed the author tags. That’ll be fixed next patch.

    Added a new costume to Holiday’s inventory: Female Spider costume, by Magikarpfever.

    Added a few bits to the appearance and parsers for saurmorians and spiderbros.

    Fixed a spacing bug for those with a vagina, balls, and nothing else.

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