• Trials In tainted Space 108


    Trials In tainted space

    The Hero’s Garb is now available from Holiday, penned by Fenrirskoll

    The Bondage Kitty costume is now available, written by our very own Adjatha!

    Fixed the lack of author credit for the Saurmorian costume.

    Some bugs with costumes have been corrected.

    A new Halloween event has been added, written by HugsAlright: The Chupacabro.

    Ellie Pregnancy has been added to the game.

    Pregnancy for folks in Gastigoth should be up and running.

    Ilaria pregnancy has been added!

    Fixed Azra being able to have an expedition on an exploded Tarkus.


    aige’s magical halloweener has been added to the game. Just like all Paige’s other content, it’s massive, clocking in at over 1,200 lines of code with a branching sex scene. It’s also repeatable after the season is over, so long as you hit that stuff up while it’s active.

    I’ve broadened what the game considers as “Halloweenish” so you guys can enjoy this content a bit longer.

    UpcastDrake knocked out Night Trap’s Succucow Halloween event! Ciaran should be able to get it started.

    You can now carve pumpkins with your kids during Halloween at the Nursery, assuming kids of appropriate ages exist. Written by Bumbling Bee.

    Many fixes and tweaks Courtesy of Jacques00 and UpcastDrake.


    Those who have Sera as their mistress (and A-cups) can proc an event where she fucks them against the wall as revenge against furry trick or treaters… somehow. I dunno, but it’s hot! Written by flying_mustache

    Slab Bulkhead’s contest-winning ghost dream has been added to the game. It can randomly proc in place of other dreams while sleeping during Halloween season.

    Assorted fixes and fun!

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