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    Any chance that anyone could post the flash on this website? ifuck_ used to have it, but now the website is gone. Thanks!

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    This is a big ass chain of comments. Anyway, since this game has been out since 2007, I took a few bored nights to figure out all the enemies' stats, including attack type, weaknesses, how much clothing they wear etc. I won't post it on this chain though, feels like it'll get lost in it all. I'll start a new topic going by "Erotical Night Enemy Help". Of course this becomes a bit null when everyone uses that name cheat, but oh well. It'll take me a day or two to summarise it all and make it easy to read.

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    (Correction) On the last step, it's the chest in the mini cave in the top left, not the top right. I'm bad at this. :P

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    (Correction) on step 9, it's in the bottom left part of the area, NOT the bottom right. Apologies.

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    Summary of where to go, since everyone on the game's comments is getting confused. ---

    1. Defeat Ghoul beauty (Sailor mermaid is not required, but is recommended). ---

    2. Go to southeastern port, talk to the kid in the top right corner of the town (yellow guy in the trees), search the houses near the Marar statue in the bottom right of the town. You should find a letter, read it, then talk to the kid again. Make your way north to the ranch, and there should be a house near a white well. Go inside and talk to the gay guy. Then go back to southeastern port, and search around the trees for a bell. Take that bell to the very top right of the town, and use the bell 3 times to access the path to Gunghoul's cave. ---

    3. Defeat Gunghoul (You require at least one crestone to access, 1 can be found in sailor mermaid's cave, 5 can be found just before Ghoul beauty's cave, or they can be bought from the hidden store in volcano village) ---

    4. Talk to roof near the ranch, then prince fourd (Near the ranch, or near castle town, always in a hidden tent so search around), then search around the water way below spring village to find a crest. Use the crest on the guards in front of castle town to be able to enter and gain a teleport statue. ---

    (Optional) If you talk to a man in one of the houses named Dr. Chrysler, he will ask you to go get him some rocket fuel from Aya in spring village. The rocket fuel cost around 2,000, and when you come to return it to him, he is in a hidden house in a forested area towards the bottom exit of castle town. Make sure you do this for him before the next step, and if you start this step, do not leave the game, or the quest will often disappear. If you do this and go back to his hut in the forested area after doing the next step, most of the trees will have been burned down, and he will be standing there with your reward. ---

    5. Defeat the queen (You will need at least 2 crestones). You do not need to arouse this enemy, simply strip her lower clothing and choose insert attack and you will have defeated her. The reason for this is obvious when you see the cutscene afterwards, but if you want to battle her and successfully use an insert attack, you can use the simple battle option in the main menu (or Animaetica if you have it). ---

    6. Defeat Tsundele Devil (You will need at least one Crestone to access) ---

    (Note) Straight after defeating Tsundele devil, it will throw you into battle with Empress Erotica. You will have no pants at the start, so it's recommended you face Tsundele Devil while holding no money, and then lose to Erotica afterwards. ---

    7. Defeat Empress Erotica. ---

    8. Obtain the thunder staff. To do this, go to the Mt. Bolbo Marar statue (Teleport), and grab the guards letter from the wrecked house nearby. Read it, and then go slightly north. If you have the map, you will be able to see a mismatching square when you use it. Stand on that square and press space to get the staff. Use the staff on the broken bridge on the way from volcano village to southeastern port to gain access to the southern island. ---

    9. Talk to the two human looking girls at the very bottom of the southern island's cave. Then talk to the hooded figure in the top right. Then go to the mini castle at the bottom right and check the door. Then go back to the hooded figure and talk to them. There is a key that now spawns in the bottom right of the area. Once you find it, you can enter the mini castle. Inside there is a guard, talk to him, and he will mention a way to break the hellgate and free the girls. Then talk to the hooded figure once more. Go back to where you defeated Gunghoul, stand where she was standing and press space. Now go back to the guard in the mini castle and give him what you found. He will say he needs a minute, but just leave the castle, go up one floor, then return to him and he will have made Alphamite. Take the alpha mite to the lava rock wall at the top of the map and use it. You will then be in a small room surrounded by lava with the two girls. ---

    10. Defeat MOE Sisters (Threesome battle). ---

    11. The gate is now destroyed and you can access hell. In there you will face Sailor Mermaid, Ghoul Beauty, Gunghoul, MOE Sisters, Tsundele Devil, and then the final boss, Lolitia. You will have to defeat ALL of them, or be defeated yourself, before you can leave again. After defeating Tsundele Devil, there will be two guards blocking the way. Talk to both of them and the bones in the middle of them will disappear. There will then be an area with 3 chest and a big white paper ball. DO NOT USE THE TWO CLOSEST TO THE PAPER BALL, as they are Mimic traps. The third has whirlwind pants inside. ---

    12. Once you have defeated all the bosses in hell you can leave, but not enter again. When you do, there will be a chest in a mini cave to the top right of the area that you can now open. It has an hourglass of time in it that is essentially new game plus, in which you can start again but keep all of your stuff. ---

    Hope this helps

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    To get to southern island, you must first defeat the queen. Then near the Marar statue in Mt. Bolbo, there is a worn house. Press space while facing it, and you will get a letter. Read it, and it mentions a hidden staff. The location is not too far into Mt.Bolbo, you have to stand on a certain space where a wall is covering your feet (hard to explain without a screenshot). When you get the staff, go to volcano village and walk to southeastern port until you see a broken bridge. Use the staff on the bridge and it will be fixed. You can then sell the staff as it is no longer useful. Across the bridge is southern island, with a cave that leads to Satan's world, which can only be accessed once you defeat Tsundele Devil. In the cave, it is possible to encounter Aqua Mineraly(Level 3 enemy) and Shrine Maiden (Level 5 enemy). In the first floor of Satan's world you can encounter Shrine Maiden, Snow Witch and Arche (All Level 5). In the lowest floor of Satan's world, it is possible to encounter every enemy except bosses, Pirate Diva, Mimic and Succubus Girl. Hell can be opened in the lowest level of Satan's world, but cannot be entered until you defeat Erotica. Hope I helped.

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    where can I find the southern island

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    ha, I recorded Lady Grem giving my character a tit fuck. Somehow, if I loop it, it makes it look like the character jizzes over and over and over without more than a 5 second break. It… is… awesome...

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    For anyone having trouble with starting this game up, there was a guy who put download links on the games comments, so I'll put them here now.
    Get uTorrent, or another torrent downloader, and use for the .rar file, which is recommended for PCs but can be used in mac's with certain software or if you don't know how to use .rar on macs (like me) use for the .zip, which will download html files, which includes the game, the manual, item data summarising every item in the game and an animetica gallery as well as instructions on how to use it.
    Hope I helped with this, but on a similar note, can someone walk me through how to play a .rar game using a RAR expander on a mac?

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    Not sure why I bothered to work this out, but if I bought 10,000 of each healing item, attack item, supplement and letter of invitation levels 1 through 5, it'd cost 70,460,000 ero's O.o

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    oh one more rule

    -if its an encounter battle (non-boss) this all rules reset when i fight another of the same enemy, i have to lose against aqua mineraly after beating aqua mineraly for example

    i hope someone gives this a go, fun as hell

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    i found a really fun way of playing this game by adding a few rules to the battle when i play

    -no [email protected] name cheat
    -they must lose every piece of clothing before i use any other attack
    -my character has to cum inside them and lose once before im allowed to win
    -while I'm attempting the above if they make my character cum it has no effect on the third rule, i still have to cum inside them
    -no handcuffs allowed
    -angel pants only

    i should probably add this makes it SO hard to beat the game, but oh well, its for fun :D

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    arrow keys and space, mouse un-necessary

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    I cant start game plz someone help. The game loaded but i couldnt click anything

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    type your name as [email protected] and all battles start with the enemy fully unclothed :)

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    Use key list
    Use key Usage
    Cursor key Each command selection, Movement in field, Item selection
    Space key
    or Z key Action, Decision
    Shift key
    or X key Item panel On/Off, Cancel, Return

    C key The luggage locker is opened. (Only the grocery store of spring village)
    After selecting the item when the item is bought and sold.
    Everything is sold, and the bulk buying. (10 pieces)
    Delete key It abandons it the item on the map field.
    Q, W key Background switch.(Only Animetica, at a simple battle)
    E key Visible of window and panel On/Off.
    A, S, D key Image quality change.

    R,T key BGM switch.(Only Animetica)


    As for the operation of this game, the main is the keyboard. The mouse is used by the following scene.

    ・Focus is set to the name field.
    ・The Clear button is clicked,
    and the input name is erased.
    ・The Cancel button is clicked,
    and New game is canceled.
    ・The Start game! button is clicked,
    and the game is started.
    ・Setting of local storage area.

    The local storage area to memorize the saving data only when playing for the first time is set.

    1) Please right-click in the game screen => Please click the setting.
    2) Please click the icon like the file. The slider is moved and it makes it to 100KB.

    An actual amount of use is about 12Kb.
    Present data disappears when setting it to 10Kb or less again when the saving data already exists.

    start screen:

    After selecting the command on the cursor key, Decides it with the space key.(or Z key)

    New game... Game start after name is input.
    Continue... Restart from the last saving point.
    Simple battle... It shifts to the simple battle mode.
    After selecting the enemy captured with the cursor key, Decides it with the space key (or Z key)
    A simple battle is started.
    The background of the simple battle screen can be changed with Q and W key.

    The item uses the content of the saving data.
    When changing into the screen of the simple battle mode, it is loaded.
    Therefore, the item is consumed fast when continuously fighting with the enemy.
    However, it returns to the start screen with the shift key (or X key),
    The item returns to the original condition when entering again.
    Pants can't be equipped again in the battle. Please don't save when took off the pants.

    Option... Each option is set.
    KeyType: The key type when the map moves is set.
    A: Cursor key Up:North, Down:South, Right:Eeast, Left:West
    B: Cursor key Right Left:Rotation, Up:Advancement, Down:Turn
    Quality: Automatic setting of image quality.
    manual: The image quality is set by manual. It changes the image quality with short cut A, S, D key.
    auto: The image quality is lowered by the automatic operation with map move and battle.
    ( It is possible to switch also with auto by manual. )
    Sound: On/Off of sound. ( The voice and movie are contained. )
    BGM: On/Off of back ground music.
    *The option setting isn't saved.

    Movie screen:
    The Movie of the cartoon form starts
    after it begins to play a game with "New game".

    It advances to the next scene with cursor key right
    after the next button displays it.
    When the first movie ends, it shifts to the battle with
    "Grocery store's Aya".( It wins without fail )
    After a fight again to a movie.
    When Movie ends, it shifts to the field screen.

    Besides is an event that shifts to movie.
    ( The opening movie and other movie are only the
    product versions. )

    Field screen:

    star mark...( Left image of the lower ) The star mark is displayed when is in the area where the
    enemy appears.
    Trap rock...( Right of the lower ) It is made to retreat when the item named Crestone is used.
    Money...( Inside item panel ) The amount of money on hand can be confirmed by matching the cursor.
    Can't buy and sell it.
    Battery...( Inside item panel ) The amount of residual electricity can be confirmed by matching the cursor.
    Can't buy and sell it.
    The electric power is used according to the kind of the item. About an electricity consumption item

    It moves with the cursor key. It's a space key (or Z key) and an action. The item panel is operated with the
    shift key (or X key).

    Kind of action... It searches for a doubtful point. It enters the house and the cave.
    Going up and down of the stairs. It talks with the person. It accesses the Marar statue. ...Etc
    The leaf can be taken by doing the action toward the tree while state that took off the pants.

    The condition that a lottery is done in a shop... When make a battle with an enemy and won,
    a lottery is done.

    It isn't possible when escape by oneself. Content of premium.
    Hit probability. ( Valuable item isn't included. )
    Special prize: Gold ingot 1%
    First prize: Jewel and money coin 2%. Attack item 2%. Pants ( ability high ) 2%.
    Second prize: Supplementary item 3%. Attack assistance item 3%. Pants ( ability low ) 3%.
    Third prize: Item with use frequency 54%. ( Or, it is a gold mine stone or obsidian. )
    Fourth prize: Leaf 30%

    About the buying and selling by grocery store and tool shop:
    It buys it with the space key. It sells it with the shift key.
    The item panel is started with the shift key.
    ( Or, it buys it with Z key. It sells it with X key. )
    The luggage locker opens with C key. It goes out of the shop with
    cursor key down. It fights to Aya with cursor key up.

    Bought goods and sold goods are selected with cursor key after
    whether it buys and sells is decided.
    It decides with the space key (or Z key).
    Everything is sold with C key, and the bulk buying. (10 pieces)

    The buying and selling with C key is only a use frequency count item.

    There is a progress level value for this game.
    There is the shop where content of the goods is replaced for progress level

    The goods is replaced at grocery store of Spring village, and tool shop of secret.
    After the event is cleared, the grocery store of castle town of the castle changes goods.

    Directions of luggage locker
    It is possible to use it only in the grocery store of Spring village in the fountain.

    The luggage locker opens with C key immediately after
    having entered.

    ・It decide after the item is selected. The return to an item
    panel with the space key (or Z key)

    ・It changes into the item panel with the shift key (or X key).
    The item is selected, it decides, and it puts it in the locker.

    ・To changes to the locker again, C key.
    When it wants to finish locker work, it is Shift key once again.
    ( an or X key )

    *Item that should be noted when throwing it away of sales.
    ・Map... Continental map gotten from Mercedes. It isn't possible to obtain it again when selling it.
    ・Elf's recorder...It is very valuable. It's not possible to obtain it again when selling it.
    ・Unique item of a part... Mawashi, Bear's pants, Dragon's pants
    ・Valuable item... An item of the treasure
    Because all are articles not for sale, it's not possible to obtain it again.
    It's not included even in the premium of the shop.

    A message is displayed "Can't do it" when will throw away an important key item.
    When the item is thrown away, the item panel is started on the field.
    Choose an item to throw away => Delete key.

    Operation of item panel:
    On/Off to item panel with the shift key ( or X key ) It selects it the item with the cursor key.
    It uses and moves with the space key ( or Z key ).
    A green cursor displays to puts
    it on with pants. A red cursor
    displays to chooses it with the
    attack item at the battle.

    Method of item movement and
    item change in panel

    1-4: It's moved to lower of the
    penis case.

    5-7: Energy water and men's
    gel are exchanged.

    1)The cursor is matched
    to penis case.
    A blue cursor displays with
    the space key.
    3)The cursor is moved to
    the box that wants to move.

    4)It completes the movement
    with the space key. 5)Exchanged items are
    selected. 6)The cursor is matched
    to the other item. 7) It completes the exchanged
    with the space key.

    Field and the area:

    The enemy appears in the part enclosed in the color line in each area.
    The enemy who appears in each area is different. Area No.= enemy level
    Area 1... Gothloli Devil, Bloomarilyn, Succubus Girl, Sailor Mermaid(area boss)
    Area 2... Crosse Cat,Pirate Girl, Pirate Diva, Ghoul Beauty(area boss)
    Area 3... Lalapova, Mimic, Spritan, Gunghoul(area boss)
    Area 4... Nightingale, Lady Grem, Hybrid Maid, Queen(area boss)
    Area 5... Snow's Lady(Only in the snowy field), Shrine maiden(Only in the Southern island), Arche,
    Tundele Devil(area boss), +Last boss
    Special type... Aqua Mineraly(All map commonness. It appears in the shoal. enemy level:3 )

    It's influenced to status in the crater of Mt.Bolbo, desert, and snowy field.
    ( Excitement degree rises whenever at walk )
    It has influences in the place even dungeon.
    The influence on status can be reduced with a supplementary item such as a hand's fan, hot heating pads.

    When the supporting item having it, there is an effect.
    ( The effect doesn't double even with the same two things. )

    The following pants are things with function to prevent cold.
    Pants with the function to prevent cold are the rhea item treatments. It doesn't sell to the shop of usual.
    From top to the left
    Pumpkin's pants. lapse rate:15%
    Knit pants lapse rate:20%
    Animal's pants lapse rate:25%
    Fur's pants lapse rate:35%
    Woolen pants lapse rate:45%
    Hand's fan lapse rate:35%
    Portable fan lapse rate:60%
    Hot heating pads lapse rate:15%
    Belly band lapse rate:30%

    Calculation example:
    Woolen pants:45% + Hot heating pads:15% + Belly band:30% = possible to reduce it 90%

    Sex battle screen:
    The enemy appears when walking in the field.
    When want to sex battle, the space key.(or Z key)
    When want to escape, the shift key.(or X key)
    As for the normal enemy, 100% escape is possible.

    When it can't escape...
    A battle with map fixation NPC.( The boss also includes. )

    A battle with the treasure chest trap.( Mimic .)

    Command choice:
    The command choice with cursor key.
    Decides it with the space key.( or Z key )

    Undressing attack... Take off the clothes of the enemy.
    Kiss attack... It licks, and kisses each point.
    Touch attack... It gropes, and touches each point.
    Insert attack... It inserts it in the enemy.
    Item use and equipment... The possession item is used.
    Equip with an attack item
    Defence... Enemy's attack power decreases to quarter.

    Undressing attack:
    The clothes parts choice with cursor key.
    Decides it with the space key.( or Z key )

    It is impossible after the ability item is used.
    The item that decreases the excitement level is an exception.

    The clothes parts wearing by an enemy are different.
    In this case, if shoes aren't previously taken off,
    the skirt isn't taken off.
    If the skirt aren't previously taken off, the panty isn't taken off.

    Kiss and touch attack:
    The point choice with cursor key.
    Decides it with the space key.( or Z key )

    A number of the attack point changes by the
    stripping state of the enemy.
    The right figure is a point choice screen of the kiss attack

    Insert attack:
    The pattern choice with cursor key.
    Decides it with the space key.( or Z key )

    If pants or the last 11th parts haven't been taken off,
    the insert attack is impossible.

    The enemy is made to ascension only by the insert attack.

    Item attack:
    The point choice with cursor key.
    Decides it with the space key. ( or Z key )

    At first it is selected with an attack item by
    "item use, the equipment".
    A red cursor displayed to an item when selected with an
    attack item.
    It is chosen a point by "Item attack" afterwards.

    If there isn't electricity value, it isn't usable.

    The enemy does various attack:

    The enemy does sigh attack and clinging attack.
    Undressing pants. It's strong attacked of the enemy when unclothed. Glans licks, Hand rub, Fellatio
    There is the pie rubs enemy, too.

    Defeat condition of player:
    When excitement level became max by attack of an enemy or insert attack of a player,
    it ascension and become defeat.
    Half of the money decrease and move to the Spring village afterwards.
    When excitement level are more than 50%, the enemy recovers a little.
    When excitement level are more than 80%, it recover a lot.

    Defeat condition of enemy:
    There are two kinds of defeats to enemy "Escape" and "Ascension".

    Escape ...The enemy escapes in a specific condition.
    In that case, money can be obtained. There is a thing that the enemy drops the item, too.
    The excitement level recovers when the enemy escapes.

    Ascension... When excitement level of an enemy became max by insert attack of a player,
    it ascension and become defeat.
    Money that can be gotten is Escape: 1time, Ascension: 5times.
    Bonus value is added by the ascension of the boss.
    It is registered with a simple battle mode when let an enemy ascend to heaven.
    When normal enemy ascension, status is reset and appears again.
    A boss and NPC and the treasure chest trap disappear from the map top and don't appear.

    The sex battle system explanation:
    It is the non realtime method that a player and an enemy attack in turn.
    About excitement level:
    It ascends to heaven and it is defeated when becoming excitement level max.
    It uses becoming, Energy water and Cool gel and Guardian angel's tear to lower the excitement level.
    It usable to many times in the map field, but it can use only once by one turn at sex battle.
    It use the supplement to raise the upper limit value. (Supplement A:20%up Supplement S:30%up)
    If both are used, it becomes 20% + 30% = 150 in total by excitement level.

    About defense value:
    The defense power of the pants. Defense values decrease by the attack "undressing pants" of the enemy.
    When defense value becomes 0, it's unclothed pants.
    Then it is done the strong attack of the enemy.
    In the ability item and the attack item, there is the thing which an addition value raising a defense power attached.

    About attack value:
    An attack power to the enemy. A basic value is 10.
    The attack value can be raised by using the ability item.
    The effect of the ability item disappears sooner or later.
    Number of continuation turns is different according to the item.
    In the pants and the attack item, there is the thing which an addition value raising a attack power attached.
    A basic value rises to 30 at the insert attack.
    The attack value of the item is added more when equipped with an attach item.(an item to attach to penis.)
    In addition, attack value rises by "the precoital play system".

    About precoital play system:
    Attack value rises slowly by attacking each points of the enemy.
    It rises only once even if it keeps attacking the same point.
    By a kiss to the mouth, a kiss to the breast, it rises twice.
    Every each point, it rises ones.

    Example1 of calculating attack value.
    Basic value:10 + Aroma light:2 + Mouth spray:2 + Mens gel:2 + Precoital play point:3 = 19

    Example2 of calculating attack value.(When the insert attack.)
    Basic value:30 + Aroma light:2 + Green incense:4 + Aquamanta:15 + Precoital play point:8 = 59
    *A value of an Aquamanta is decided by possessing rotor. If it's a pink rotor, it's 15. If it's a Golden rotor, it's 49.
    Both possession gives priority to a value of Golden rotor.

    About the escape pattern of the enemy:
    Only a normal enemy to appear in the map field escapes. The pattern is ...
    ・Some turn passes, and the excitement level of the player is low.
    ・Some turn passes, and the player still wears underpants.
    ・A turn passes a little, Excitement level of an enemy is high.
    ・Excitement level of an enemy is high, and Electrical handcuffs were put on.
    ・A player wears Bigger pants.
    ・7 turn passage.

    About an enemy with the weak point:
    Attack to the lower body( vagina ) of normal enemy, the rate of increase of the excitement level is higher.
    The enemy that breast is weak point, the excitement level rate of increase when attack to the lower body is low.
    Attack to the breast is high.
    The weak point is only breast and anus. There is not the enemy of the weak point of other points.
    It don't become clear that the point of the weak point doesn't actually attack it.

    About the enemy who is good at a pie rubs:
    When a player doesn't wear pants, the type to do the pie rubs takes off clothes by oneself.
    Naturally the pie rubs power is high.

    About the enemy of the masochist:
    An enemy of the masochists is poor at attack to anus, and the rate of increase of the excitement level is higher.
    As for the normal enemy, the rate of increase of the excitement level is low for the attack to anus.
    It doesn't turn out whether the enemy is masochist if it doesn't actually attack it.

    About the special ability of the area boss:
    Only the boss has +alpha attack value.
    It +alpha attack value raises in proportion to clothes parts taken off.
    There is special clothes part to some bosses.
    Example: When hand rubs is done with the long glove of Tundele Devil, it is very dangerous.

    About an electricity consumption item.
    There is an item that consumes the electric power when using it.
    And, when the electric power becomes 0, it isn't possible to use it.
    The electric power is charged in the shop(The hut of a red roof). Shops are in each village and
    the town in the map field.
    The upper limit rises in the electric power value according to the progress level of the game.
    100mAH -> 120 -> 140 -> 160 -> 180 -> 200(Max)
    Power consumption doesn't happen at a Simple battle. It's free to use it.

    Item that consumes electric power.
    ・All attack items.(rotor, vibrator, A vibrator for anuses)
    ・Some attach items.(Electrical handcuffs, Aquamanta )

    Item that doesn't consume electric power
    ・Aroma light, Good ring
    ・supporting item( Portable fan etc.)

    The power consumption value of each item is proportional to the attack value of the item.

    Animetica explanation.
    What is Animetica?
    It is a tool that makes the animated cartoon for appreciation by using the saving data of Erotica.

    A screen just after the start of Animetica.( left )
    The saving data is read, and the capture character is displayed.
    When the character is selected, it shifts to a set screen.( right )
    The cursor moves with Up and Down of the cursor key.
    It changes the background with Q and W key. It changes BGM with R and T key.
    On/Off of the text window with E key.
    Decides with space or Z key. Returns to a character selection screen and a set screen with shift or X key.

    ・Clothes parts On/Off It choose whether to display each clothes parts from the beginning or to erase it.

    ・Volume setting Setting of volume of each action.( time length )
    5 phases of Little, Few, Usually, Many, Enough.

    ・Insert transition selection
    Choose the type of the change of the transition when the insert attack. 4 kinds of typeA-D
    A:Detailed and quick -> Constant rhythm -> Dynamic
    B:Dynamic -> Detailed and quick -> Constant rhythm
    C:Constant rhythm -> Dynamic -> Detailed and quick
    D:At random

    ・Simple pattern choice.(4 kinds)
    Please note that the code of my pattern disappears when it tries to select a simple pattern after my
    pattern input.

    ・My pattern input The original pattern that I thought about is executable.

    About the control code:
    The enumeration of the sign of
    "Simple pattern selection" is a control code to
    control an animated cartoon.

    exanple: In the case of "ahcom".
    It's Sigh attack -> Deep kiss -> Unclothe pants ->
    Touches thighs -> touches pies

    In the case of "Touches thighs":
    When shoes ( the sixth parts ) exist, the
    undressing animated cartoon of shoes is
    inserted automatically.

    The code list appears when a blue cursor is
    set to "Simple pattern" or "My pattern".

    Please input it referring to "Code table" when it
    wants to change the code by "My pattern input",
    and to make an original pattern.

    Regulations at input by codes:
    It must input a finish code in the last of the cord by all means.( u, v, w, x, y, z )
    The code since "v" is canceled and becomes "...u" if it is input as "...uvw".

    About an exception cord "@" ,"!":
    "@" is undressing all of upper-body. "!" is a meaning of the code end.
    exanple: When Pie rub( "e" or "v" ) is specified with clothes parts remained in upper body
    when character that does Pie-rub is selected, "@" is inserted automatically.
    "!" is inserted automatically at the end.

    About the code conversion after the animated cartoon ends:
    Former code changes when return to a setting screen after the end.
    It was converted automatically.

    Exanple: When input with "jx"(Pie licks -> Insert1) at the time of Aya use,
    it become "UUjLLLx!" after conversion.

    Because to do Pie licks and Insert1, the undressing code "U"&"L" was inserted automatically.
    ( U:undressing all of upper body. L:undressing all of lower body. )
    When input with "jx" at the time of Aqua Mineraly use in the same way,
    it become "UjLLLx!" after conversion.
    The reason is because the number of the clothes parts wearing is different.

    Other notes:
    ・Cancellation of Unclothe pants.
    In the case of the data which are not equipped with pants, cord "c" (Unclothe pants) is canceled.

    ・Cancellation when item is used.
    Cord "r", "R", "s", "t" is canceled in the case of the data which don't possess each item.
    It's OK if it has it in the rucksack ( item panel ). The item in the luggage locker is not reflected.

    ・Priority level when item is used
    In the case of cord "s" (vibrator system):
    When it possessed Normal Vibrator and Mega piston, Mega piston of the higher model is chosen.
    The rotor and the pearl are also similar.

    ・The code of a My pattern is not saved.
    Please save the favorite code by copy & paste.

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