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    This is not a guide for the version posted on this site as it currently isn't full. It is for the full game located at LoK forums. I would post this there, but I can't for some strange reason. Note that it is very VERY long, and I tried to explain all mechanics etc. of the game. GoRepeat (the author and dev of the game) has some basic mechanic explanations on the site, but they are a little convoluted so here goes.

    Part 1: Level Basis

    “The House of R’Thoth stands on three pillars”

    When beginning a new game, you start at the first of these 3 pillars. Each pillar contains 3 levels, the last of which being a “song” level. When you are defeated, or complete a full pillar, it will move you onto the next. If you were defeated and move to another pillar, you will come full circle after losing twice or completing 2 pillars. If you have reached all 3 song levels, you will only need to beat one to face the final boss battle, which consists of the bosses for each “song” level. To proceed through levels, you must destroy 4 altars in each corner of a randomly generated area. When you destroy one, it will spawn a boss. The bosses for the first and second level of a pillar become common as you progress. You cannot leave the area until you defeat said boss. When encountering common enemies in area’s with no altar, there is a 25% chance you will have to defeat at least one enemy before you leave. Both this occurrence and the boss fight are signified via a purple barrier. While this purple barrier is active, any enemies in the area can repeatedly rape the player, whereas if there is no purple barriers the enemy will be defeated once the sex scene has ended (trusting you haven’t been defeated).

    Part 2: Armour

    Your armour is your main source of protection, and is valuable and almost a necessity to win the game. This consists of two parts. The first is your upper plating (breast). after being wounded once this armour will break, leaving the next part, your lower plating (crotch cover) vulnerable. Upon being wounded a second time, your lower plating will also break, leaving you nude for the most part. From here you are your most vulnerable, as being wounded now results in stunning you, leaving you wide open to be raped by an approaching foe. It is also with this that you will absorb the most corruption. Only reaching a new level or destroying an altar will give you fresh armour.

    Part 3: Corruption

    Your purity in this game counts as your life force, or your will to resist if you prefer. Upon encountering enemies, they will try to corrupt you via sex. This fits amicably into WoW lore e.g. you are a Dranei, having many forces try to corrupt you turning you into an Eradar etc. Your skin colour represents your current level of corruption; blue being highly pure, and purple being rather dangerously corrupt. Corruption in this game is not currently curable, and must be treated with caution if you hope to succeed. When your skin turns a vibrant shade of red, you are fully corrupted, and succumb and give in to the creature raping you, becoming either their slave or R’Thoth’s.

    Part 4: Enemy Basis

    Most enemies have 2 categories of attack they will use in order to weaken and rape you; stun and wound (aka armour break). The stun attack will instantly immobilise you, leaving you open to rape attempts. Many enemies have a stun that is rather difficult to avoid and can only be negated via attacking said monster or back-stepping on time. The wound attack breaks your armour and eventually turns to a stun attack due to your lack of protection.

    Part 5: Rape Scenes

    Each enemy has a total of 3 sex scenes each; the first usually being oral pleasure to the foe, the second usually involves tit-fucking, and the third always is fixated around heterosexual sex, fingering the player’s pussy, or tribbing. Any rape scene, including endings are saved in “Found Memories”. To view all of an enemy’s sex scenes, you must be stunned and raped in each armour stage (pristine being all parts, damaged being no breast plate, and destroyed being no armour whatsoever). Note: Boar/Felboar does not have a sole stun attack to use. In order to get Boars scenes, allow an imp to summon a trap flame near a Boar, then get stunned by it.

    Part 6: The First Pillar

    Stage - 1

    “What am I seeing?”

    “She is becoming”

    “Is… Is that me?”

    “You are legion.”

    “I don’t understand.”

    “This is the first.”

    This first stage, like in all of the 3 pillars is fairly simple. There is only one common enemy for the area. For this stage, the common enemy are Imps. While tedious, they can mostly be avoided. The altars will be incredibly easy to find, the map only being 3x3. The altar boss in this first area is the Boar. When you get close or attack the Boar, it will run from side to side of the area with a charge. Being caught in it’s way will stun you and/or break your armour. There is a lax moment where the Boar nuzzles the ground. It is suggested when battling the Boar that you attack in these moments and then move immediately upwards or downwards to avoid it’s charge attacks.

    Stage - 2

    “You lied. She wasn’t me.”

    “There is no truth here.”

    “Am I dead?”

    “You are legion.”

    “What does that mean?”


    The second stage is slightly different from the first. The Boars that were the bosses are now common spawns, appearing in most non boss areas at random. The altar boss is now changed to DoomGuard, and the map variant ill be 4x4. The DoomGuard is incredibly slow, but staying close isn’t a great option. When close, the DoomGuard stomps on the floor with his hoof, instantly stunning the player. He only tends to do this at low health or when in close proximity, for ease of access should the player be affected by the stun. His other attack is triggered when the player stays at a distance for a moment or two. The DoomGuard summons rains of fire in random circles in the area. Getting caught by these flames will break the player’s armour, however it’s seen that this is the best time to strike.

    Stage - 3

    “Who am I?”

    “You are legion.”

    “Then fear me.”

    “There is no fear here.”

    “Then I will create it.”

    “You will sing the reqiuem.”

    As with the Boar, the DoomGuard is now a common spawn, and the level radius ups to 5x5. The altar boss is now the final boss of this pillar and the base for the first, the Succubus. She is not necessarily strong, but her trickster nature is what can dwindle the player;s purity and armour. When she spawns, she concocts two dopplegangers, the 3 of them making a triangle formation in the area. They will then begin to skip around the area. If you are touched by her or her dopplegangers, it will break your armour. The objective here is to jab and dodge around the dopplegangers and her to figure out which one is her, and which is the imposters, which can be shown by yellow electricity when you hit the right one. When her and the dopplegangers stop skipping, they will stand back in their triangle formation. You must determine which on is the real her by attacking her. If you are correct, she will have a lapse moment that you can attack her in before she summons 2 new dopplegangers and starts skipping again. If you are wrong about your choice, attacking the dopplegangers stuns you, then having the Succubus rape you. After the scene you will get a small chance to attack before she starts the illusion again. Note: Getting touched while they are skipping and you have no armour will stun you, but the Succubus does not take advantage of this fact and will not rape you. However it’s advisable you avoid this so you have the most time to determine which one is the real her. There is no real suggestion I have for beating this one, though after the first few seconds of their skipping, standing in the bottom left corner proves a good idea as none of them touch you when you stand there.

    Part 7: The Second Pillar

    Stage - 1

    “Where am I?”

    “This is the Weeping House.”

    “Weeping for whom?”

    “This is the House of R’Thoth.”

    “I don’t know that name.”

    “This is the second.”

    Not much more to explain about level basics here. As mentioned for the first pillar, there is 1 starting common enemy, and a level area of 3x3. The common enemy for this pillar is the VoidWalker. They are the weakest of the enemies, much like the imps in the first pillar, however they are more tedious in attack style. They have no real stun attack, only a wound. Attacking them proves difficult as they have a force field they spawn when not attacking or moving. Attacking this force-field counts as their stuns attack and makes the player vulnerable to rape. It’s suggested you keep your distance and time your attacks as they approach should you get trapped in an area with them. The altar boss for this area is the FelStalker. This is an enemy you want to be a little cautious around. While weak in HP, it has an almost avoidable stun attack. It’s wound attack is not triggered unless you attack it first, making it’s wound attack a counter effectively. In order to not take damage, learning to attack then backslide in tandem would be highly recommended. Note: To initiate it’s stun attack, it constantly backs away from the player, then when it reaches one side of the area, it will roar, stunning the player. Using it’s speed, it then rushes towards the player to rape them. It’s highly advisable you avoid letting it reach either side of the area when facing them.

    Stage - 2

    “Where am I going?”

    “Where have you been?”

    “All houses have doors.”

    “The House of R’Thoth stands on three pillars.”

    “Then where do I go?”


    Once again, FelStalkers become common enemies and the map expands to 4x4. The boss altar for this stage is the DreadSteed. This is a generally easy enemy to kill. It’s base wound attack is a quick kick it does when close to the player. It’s stun attack is only triggered when it has been hurt and the player is at a distance. It should be fairly easy to defeat, however capture by this creature appears to be highly corruptive in the best of cases.

    Stage - 3

    “How many times have I been here?”

    “The Weeping House has no boundries.”

    “All things have an end.”

    “There is no peace here.”

    “Then I will create it.”

    “You will sing the aria.”

    DreadSteed is common, map is 5x5. The altar boss here is the pillars last. Like the player this one is an ex Dranei, but is now an Eradar Sorceress, more powerful than other fallen Dranei. This is not an enemy to be taken lightly. When she spawns, she will summon two Imps to assist her. The best thing you can do is backslide often to avoid their attacks and focus on her. She has no wound attack, and she does not physically move, however, every attack you hit her with will make her teleport to a random spot in the area you’re in. Do not let her stay in the same spot. Her magic comes from high sexual prowess, and she will masturbate until she grows a she-dick. If this happens, she will instantly stun the player and they will be pulled towards her. Attacking and moving in quick succession is the recommended tactic for this boss.

    Part 8: The Third Pillar

    Stage - 1

    “I heard… who are you?”

    “I am all names and none.”

    “I don’t understand.”

    “You don’t know understanding.”

    “Isn’t that the same thing?”

    “This is the third.”

    Common enemy for this is a Beholder (aka Floating Eye), and as with the other pillars the map is 3x3. The altar boss is Felguard. Dealing with this enemy is much like dealing with the DreadSteed; a simple kick armour break attack, and a widespread stun attack, though a slightly easier one to avoid. Spamming slam attacks on him as he spawns will lose one piece of armour if you don’t dodge his kick. His stun attack is him charging around the area. He will stop after a while, or if he reaches one far side of the area after stunning you.

    Stage - 2

    “Give me a name.”

    “You always have one.”

    “I want to understand you.”

    “Know understanding.”

    “How do I know what I don’t know?”


    FelGuard is now common, map is 4x4. Altar boss is Satyr. Fighting this enemy requires a little dodging. Avoiding him causes him to use his stun attack, which is a ghost clone of itself that appears behind the player to stun them. This enemy has a wound attack that it does in close proximity to the player, but also attacks in the same way straight after being hit. Slamming then dodging is suggested.

    Stage - 3

    “How do I know you?”

    “I have always been part of you.”

    “Then it is time for you to rest.”

    “There is no peace here.”

    “Then I will create it.”

    “You will sing the nocturne.”

    Satyr is now common, map is 5x5. Altar boss is now Sivarra. Exercise caution while fighting this boss. She has an attack that seems like it would be a wound attack by shooting a few flames out in front of her toward the player (left or right), but that’s actually her stun attack. Her other attack is a charge up trap that spawns 6 purple flames around the player, each of which would break a piece of armour or stun. For this one alternate between attacking and dodging. Slame attacks are risky but suggested if you can manage.

    Part 9: R’Thoth

    “I have sung your songs.”

    “I hear and rise.”

    “No! Return to your sleep!”

    “You will be my vessel.”

    “I am no slave to you.”

    “Your only purpose is me.”

    Now is the final boss. This comes in rounds. First, you face off against a Succubus (1st pillar), then you will face what is known as the Fallen. Basically 2 of your past selves that fell to the corruption before you. One comes from each the left and right. These two also have a stun and wound attack, but they cannot both utilise them. The one that comes from the left moves incredibly slow, but uses a jab attack that mimics your own. This is the Fallens stun attack. The one on the right is quick, but takes longer to do a slam, which is the armour break for the Fallen 2. To defeat these, you have to hurt both of them with about 5 jabs each, and they have to be within a few seconds of each other that you land their 5th hit, otherwise they heal. I have no real suggestion on how to do this as I usually get stunned and raped a lot by them. After they have been defeated, R’Thoth will come out of the middle “opening” and spawn fire like the DoomGuard’s armour break attack. This attack will go on until she hits you (this counts as a stun) and rapes you, or you do 3 slam attacks on her (jabs won’t do anything). She will then recede back into her home. You will then have to do this 3 step cycle again, but with the Eradar Sorceress (2nd pillar) instead of the Succubus, and then after facing R’Thoth a second time, you will face Shivarra (3rd pillar). At the end of this third cycle of enemies, if R’Thoth has not taken enough damage over the 3 encounters with her, she will spawn extra Fallen enemeis to battle and rape you. R’Thoth will be defeated when you have done a total of 9 slam attacks on her. Defeating her gains an ending but it will not be saved in found memories.

    Part 10: Alt. Endings


    Note: These endings all take place in the final boss area.

    Ending 1

    Requirement: Loss to Succubus

    Fate: The player is transformed into a Succubus themselves, and taught to serve by their captor.


    “You weren’t strong enough…”

    “But strength is not everything.”

    “She will teach you to serve.”

    “Now and forever…”

    Ending 2

    Requirement: Loss to the Fallen

    Fate: Player joins their past selves becoming another minion to R’Thoth.


    “There will be many failures…”

    “You were not the first…”

    “And you will not be the last…”

    “To take your place at my side.”

    Ending 3

    Requirement: Loss to R’Thoth

    Fate: The player get’s dragged deeper into the womb R’Thoth resides in, coming out with a similar body to what R’Thoth sports, though with a switched gender in the crotch area.


    “You came so far…”

    “You deserve my gift.”

    “Rise in newfound glory.”

    “And know no other than me.”

    “Let me spread your glory.”

    Ending 4

    Requirement: Loss to the Eradar Soreceress.

    Fate: Player is transformed, given a cock and becomes the Eradar Sorceress’s cumbucket.


    “You crave purpose…”

    “I will give you new form.”

    “You will weep my tears.”

    “And bear my seed forever.”

    Ending 5

    Requirement: Defeat the Eradar Sorceress, but spare her Imp. Loss to the Imp.

    Fate: The player becomes an Imp broodmother.



    “But I can still use you.”

    “You will bear their children.”

    “Now and forever….”

    Note: Any spelling or grammar mistakes are not my own. They are those of the developer and/or someone who helped with development.

    Ending 6

    Requirement: Loss to Shivarra.

    Fate: Shivarra transforms the player into a weaker version of herself via… putting magic flames in her pussy?


    “You were strong…”

    “But I will make you stronger.”

    “You will lead my forces.”

    “And spread my glory.”

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    Thanks for the guide, must have been a lot of work! I've wondered if there isn't a secret "better" ending than the best one, since it hints that it's still a bad ending...

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    One last thing, and I REALLY should have verified all of this before commenting again, but if you defeat a pillar like below, and get sent to endless mode, you will not be able to do that pillar again unless you select new dream. For example, if you beat the first pillar, then after winning or losing on the second, then losing on the third, you will go straight to endless mode instead of the first pillar again. This also counts for the second pillar, so if you beat the first AND second, then lose to the third, you will most have to lose in endless mode twice in a row to reach the third pillar again. In this case, only defeating all pillars will allow you to access the final boss, but it will be a little harder to get all of the forgotten memories this way.

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    Also, correction on what I posted below. It reads "There is always one end.", not "an end".

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    I just realised I forgot to add something in the guide. Not really a helpful thing, more of a feature. There's a slightly different dialogue scene if you do 2 things. First, you have to be in a state where you have not encountered all of the pillar song levels, and second, you have to complete the song level of one single pillar (so if you start a new dream, AKA new game, and beat the first pillar without losing). If this happens, you will be taken to endless dream automatically, featuring all of the non-boss enemies (this includes enemies that become common after beating a level, Dreadsteed, Doomguard etc.). From that point you will either have to lose or somehow defeat a map that is 100x100. Returning to the menu with will not help this as doing so and then clicking on old dream takes you back to endless mode until you let yourself be defeated (skin turned red/fully corrupted). The dialogue is as follows:

    "“There is no end to this.”

    “There is always an end.”

    “I will not become!”

    “You will.”

    “Why? Why should I give in?”

    “So the next may rise.”

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    Last but not least, I could write up how much health each enemy has, but they're all fairly similar in HP.

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