• Looking for a short gay twink for my rottweiler and me to fuck


    Long distance is fine, I can travel (US only). Maybe you want to move in, that's fine too. No one over 25 please... as for under 25, as far as im concerned if your old enough to get horny, your old enough for sex. If your interested you can message me on here believe it or not. Log in or create an account (it takes like 30 seconds), go to the Home page and below the Home and Logout buttons is a link for messaging... select my username and voila :P I'm on usually everyday after work so expect a response within a day or so.

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  • Anonymous

    beast_pleaser im curious wat u look like specifically if ur cute or not

  • Anonymous

    Is it okay if you email me?

  • Anonymous

    Email me ^w^
    [email protected]

  • beast_pleaser

    I wont be posting any other way to contact me in these forums (bad past experiences). I'm afraid you'll have to make an account or we can chat very publicly here... in witch case what we talk about will be limited. If you cant make an account, make a new topic on this forum and ask an admin for assistance so they can help you.

  • Anonymous

    I live in the US btw ^w^

  • Anonymous

    I tired to make an account but it wont let me lol, id love to talk though ^w

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