• Admin Help Please


    Hello, I've tried to make an account but after I fill out all the information to register, I get redirected to a new page with two things, Register & Register Disabled, What should I do?

    Thank you

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  • admin

    If you got it to work please let me know.

  • admin

    I wonder what the reason is. Would you be interested on solving this with me [email protected]?

  • Anonymous

    I turned on cookies and also didn't have private browsing on and I'm still getting the same Register & Register Disabled

  • admin

    You need to allow cookies. If you have been using private browsing mode try turning it off. Then play some games and try to register again.

    Basically our system blocks register attempts if there is something suspicious (e.g. the user has not played a single game before registering).

    Let me know if you still can not register.