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    bed ending

    hello man!
    back> nice to meet you
    Touch: bush
    come here often?
    why do you wear a cap?
    i'd sure like to fundle your 'huge racket'
    back> are all tennis player as handsome as you?
    hey,i can see through your shorts
    touch> crotch, butt
    i haer to tennis player, 'love' means nothing
    Man, I really gotta touch your body
    Let's get you naked
    Touch : Cock
    Talk : Serve me some of that load, stud!

  • Anonymous

    Figured this one on my own :

    Balls Licking Ending

    Touch : Net
    Talk : Hello, man!
    -> Come here often?
    -> Professional tennis player ?
    ->Huge racket
    < handsome as you ?
    ->Your shirt...
    ->Hey, I can see...
    <-Man, I really...
    ->So, you must be good...
    ->Let's get you naked
    Touch : Cock
    Talk : Serve me some...

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