• Girls Hell: Wild Stawberry Guide


    Okay guys, I figured out how to finish the game. Here's a Guide.
    FIRST SCENE: Grope her breasts until she stops moaning. Then lift her shirt. Then life her skirt. Keep holding your mouse down when on her panties/pussy until she stops moaning. Then repeatedly click there until it proceeds you to the next scene.
    SECOND SCENE: okay guys, you'll repeat the previous steps up until she stops moaning from having her panties touched. Then since her shirt is lifted by this point, you can now remove her bra. Grope her breasts until again, she stop moaning. Next you should be able to remove her panties. Keep touching her pussy until she stop moaning. When she stops moaning click the NEXT button. After that you will be presented with two options click the first choice. After that you'll be presented with another set of choices, press the second choice.
    THIRD SCENE: Well, this one should be easy, it presents all the options as she gives you a blowjob. After coming it'll transition to the next scene.
    FOURTH SCENE: Okay now we repeat what we did with the second scene. After which you will be given options again. This time press the first option each time. Transition into actual sex scene.
    FIFTH SCENE: Okay here's where things get real easy. Now you are presented with the same deal you did with the THIRD SCENE except it's actual sex. When you've come, move to the 'final' scene.
    FINAL SCENE: Okay heres the final scene, by this point you should go through the text and you will now be presented with Four choices. These choices will NOT lead to a Bad End. Instead they are options for what she will wear during the final sex scene which will let you do this process twice. The first option is her normal uniform. Choice two is a Gym Uniform + Bloomers. Choice three is a school swimsuit. And Choice four is just plain having her naked. Have fun guys!

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  • Anonymous

    Got a threesome somehow

  • Anonymous

    There's also some threesome ending, but I honestly don't remember how I got there.

  • Anonymous

    im still having problems with the first scene