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    All you lonely, desperate, pathetic losers need to take your computer/phones and throw them in the oven on 415° for approximately 9 minutes. After its done cooking, extract the freshly made delicacy with your bare hands and then proceed to rub it all over the soles of your feet. Don't forget to preheat the oven, its super important.

    To clarify, this message is for all the rapey, murdery, serial killery sounding people on here. All you fags, furries, and other general undesirables are just fine. Carry on

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  • Mattessiebest


  • Anonymous

    You forgot the bronies and pegasisters

  • Anonymous

    Don't forget to put legos on the ground first.

  • Anonymous

    A bit harsh, but I suppose it conveys the message... so... Thumbs up? XD