• Wtf everyone on here horny 15-17 etc year olds here


    Wtf are they 15 to 17 yrs olds on here anyway, the adult area is for 18+ , plus they're all horny too! ITS TIME TO STOP! WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS. I WILL CALL CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES ON YOU. Now peacefully leave,clear your browser history,tell your parents and have them install a protective browser or add on onto your laptop and or desktop.
    Thank you for listening, and if you don't,your fault if you get kidnapped by another 15 and or 17 year old who is actually a 20-30 year old

    Thats all

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  • Anonymous

    I would get the forum, but if you're talking about the adult games, etc just leave them alone. Who cares if they're horny, they currently have raging hormones in their system that needs to be released via pleasure.

  • Lemmy_Sap

    What? Let them fap in peace.