• Slave Lord guide


    This is a guide to explain some things that weren't explained. Also how to beat it below.

    Step 1:Raise her obedience by having her do tasks,and keep improving Her slave level. Continue until You're either level 1 or 2 on both.
    Step 2:Enter The Prancing Piggy.
    Step 3:Talk to Silaria.
    Step 4:Now that You've done all that,You should be able to send Her to the Brothel for coins.

    Fear and Trust:What both of these do is that they change the dialogue. She won't talk as much if You beat the shit out of her,or She'll drop compliments and call You sir if You're nice.

    Energy and Food: ...How about You not eat whatsoever,and go on a 10 kilometer run each day? I don't need to explain this.

    Potions:They're to be given to the townsfolk for rep improvement.

    The strange Orc scribbles:Talk to Your minions. Now tell me what a man's genitals are,and what they like to do the most with them? The creature behind the Orc scribbles can lower the girl's rep.

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    how do I get to my minions

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    how do i use al 3 VIP rooms in the capital