• Out of curiousity


    I see some people with blocked link or blacklisted providers...can @Admin provide us a page with a list of blacklisted domains so we know what not to post from?

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  • Anonymous

    Are shadman's sites considered.... "shady"?

  • admin

    Some tips

    1) Do not try to make money/points/whatever by posting links.

    2) Do not link to our direct competitors. If they want visibility on our site they should pay for it.

    3) Do not link to shady sites.

    4) Do not link to URL shorteners.

  • admin

    Don't worry about it.

    It's our job to moderate and/or filter your posts.

    But if you try to be clever and bypass/evade our filters, you are most likely autobanned for 5 mins or permabanned manually by our staff.