• Looking for girls.


    I'm looking for girls to sext, so hit me up if interested.

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    Are you calling me a dude?! Wtf? Mayb girls dont talk like this in Youre country.. But we do in Denmark, so just.. Keep youre mouth shut, if you dont ave anything nice to say!

  • TsukikoDarkmoon

    Honestly, I'm just seeing if any girls are on here in general.

  • Anonymous

    With the girls on this site

  • Anonymous

    Dude the girls here that are asking too sext are dudes..I mean come on one comment to the next its the same thing i have big boobs and want to sext bad then went from that to i have really big ass boobs someone fuck me... Idk any girls that say that. So I'm just saying becareful dude you're better off not sext