• Trials in Tainted Space guide


    Best race to take (mechanically wise),Gryvain. Gryvain can fly away from fights,and in some areas of the game,allow You to access/re-access areas with ease. Libido only gets bumped up by 1 (which isn't that dangerous),and this is considering if You're not using everything as a sex toy. Only sex if You feel like it IRL.

    Mercenary (the best class out to use.)set up

    1:Blood Thristy.
    2:Rapid Fire. As of the current update this was posted on,stacks with second shot.
    3:Take cover. Will help You avoid taking massive damage in a lot of boss battle scenarios.
    4:Carpet Grenades. If You think that shitty perk cleave is a better option than this,then lemme stop You here. Carpet Grenades are a 100% hit rate,cost 25 energy,and hits everyone in actual multi enemy battles (Goo Prime for a legit example,and the two zil on Mhenga for a bad one).
    5:Low Tech Solutions. Uveto has the best melee weapons within the wilderness. Go there after farming enough credits,they're just as expensive as Myrellion's equipment.
    6:Concentrate Fire. This thing is a RNG DPS booster. Pretty useful for tough to kill bosses,considering if You're willing to die a bunch.
    7:Second Shot,because we don't need a double cleave (If You took that perk).
    8:Rending attacks. Do You hate getting staggered? Do You hate getting Your overall survival chances drastically lowered? This will let You stagger them back.

    Suggestion is to go well rounded for core stats. At level 7,every 5 physique shall add 1 willpower,so be mindful of that. Being well rounded leaves You with high HP,nice DPS overall,and nice willpower & dodging ability

    All cheats here must be plugged in a screen where You can only press 1-5

    furfag (unlimited use of items)
    cumcow (all four is New Texas shit)
    marcopolo (Says fuck You to the story)
    anotherbrickwall (unknown where to put this,but at the right area shall give 100,000 creduts.. If You don't wanna search,up down left right gives 5 rations. Hold 1 with a full inventory of rations to get 5,000 credits from Burt)

    fuck you(has to be done in the main menu. nigh infinite HP.)

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    As long as you aren't moving, a few codes can be used anywhere.

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    Found a nice farming method for the tease combat mechanic,decided to add this for the guy who posted this.

    1:Grab the Atma armor in Mhenga. Located in the deepest parts of the Mhenga jungle.
    2:Start the Nyrean princess fight.
    3:Farm tease skills.

    Atma armor is immune to all liquid based attacks (Myr venom,vanae breast milk,Dane's tongue.). The Nyrean Princess can only use liquid based attacks,You can tease Her over and over. You can't actually defeat Her with tease attacks,so don't worry.

    Also,if You wanna find out how to get licked by Dane,just get Him to grapple You and do nothing for 2 turns. He'll keep licking You as long as You continue to do nothing.

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    Also as a side note You must have already been playing a character before-hand in order to use fuck you. Fuck you also automatically enables furfag,and disposable items can be used infinitely.

    I forgot to put the four in a group,so all these will be guaranteed transformations for Your next medipen treatment. Assuming You've typed 1 of them in of course.