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    So, put simply , it seems a lot of people are posting up the save files they've earned to help others, and some of you may want to use them, but honestly, in how big of a forum page there is on this site, it's seems un naturally difficult to find a certain subject sometimes.

    So rather than post the prefect save file, I'm going to explain here how to make your own, with nothing but simple adjustments to numbers in the code (it's not overly complex when you read into it). Warning though, this could be a long read.

    Firstly it's worth mentioning that I will only be putting up the guide for the version on this site, and if it gets updated, I will post in other comment what has changed.

    Now the first step in doing this is that you will need to start a new game, on whatever difficulty, and talk to the inkeeper a bunch until you get the GardenSphere. What you will need to do then is choose svae to file (there are no risks here, it's simply a text file that can be opened with notepad, word, or textedit for mac. I support Octa on patreon and my computer is actually running better than before I had the game.)

    What you want to do now is open the file, and you'll be met with a lot of numbers and letters that, on first look, won't make sense (unless you know code already that is), but it can be read fairly easily, and you won't even need to understand all of it to succeed in the game. We'll start at the top and work our way down;

    Subject 1 - Hero stats

    The first 3 numbers you should always see when you look at this code in the top left (assuming it's a new game save) is "hl1". On the same line of tex, there should be a 100 value. The stats between the start of the code, and the 100 value, are your stats, and changing each one will change a different part of your statistics. Each set of 3-5 letters and numbers (a specific stat always ends with numbers) is a separate part as follows;

    hl = hero level (1 on new game)
    he = hero expreience (0 on new game)
    hstp = hero's stat points (5 on new game)
    hs = hero's speed (7 on new game)
    hdm = hero's damage (8 on new game)
    hmh = hero's max health (85 on new game)
    hh = hero's health (85 on new game until you take damage)
    hmm = hero's max mana (25 on new game)
    hm = hero's mana (25 on new game until you cast a spell)
    hde = hero's defence (1 on new game)
    hcmb = hero's combat level (1 on new game)
    hnxt = experience need for next level, 100 required on new game to reach level 2)

    Changing any of these values will change them when you load your save file, but there must be a number there or it may break the save. There are some other notable stats, but we will get to them further down, as to avoid too much confusion.

    Subject 2 - Progression

    From the end of the 100, which was for experience needed, to the end of the letters "htfo1", is your current natural stat progression rate, and your progress in the towers. Now the values below are the ones that are your natural progression rate (a.k.a your stat growth without stat point use), but it's highly advised that you avoid altering these as it seems that doing so will often crash the game, freeze animations in place and generally ruin your file;


    Beyond those listed above are these 5 that are for your progress in each tower;

    htai = hero tower air (progress)
    htea = hero tower earth (progress)
    htwa = hero tower water (progress)
    htfi = hero tower fire (progress)
    htfo = hero tower forest (progress)

    Considering as I type this, the fire and air towers are not available, it's best not to alter those two, but setting forest and earth to 10, and water to 9, it makes it so that the moment you unlock the tower, you can go straight for the boss fight (we will get to how to unlock the towers further down)

    Subject 3 - Inventory, skills, and other stats

    Continuing on from where we were, (right after htfo1), the next five number values will be for your 4 skills and your soul capture (hskd, hskh, hskc, hskt and hsca). The max for thesere 5, so don't alter these higher than that or it may break the save for you.

    The next tow values are hsst and hmon, which counts how much soul power you have, and how much money you have so altering these will give you more to buy stuff, and more to power up your skills, though if you altered the previous values, then it won't be necessary to change your soul power value.

    The worth of the letters hbbe0 still eludes me, but the four nubers after that are your potions (hhpb, hmab,hcub, and hpeb) adjusting these values will give you more potions, rendering the omney calue partially irrelevant.

    The final two values in this subject are hper (hero's perversion I guess?) and Sls (your total amount of souls to use in the gallery). Setting your perversion level to 1000 will make it so that the next enemy who attacks will fuck you. I haven't personally tried setting it higher so I don't know the outcome if you do.

    Subject 4 - Difficulty

    This is real simple, but if you change the value "hdlvl", it will make the enemies stronger or weaker. The defaults for the game (as I remember) are 65 for easy, 100 for normal and 171 for hard (might be wrong about hard diff). Putting this high with a weak, highly perverted character will have the enemy fuck you then defeat you, but having them defeat you may max out your perversion again if they're strong enough.

    Sybject 5- Gallery

    Now this is a long one. From where we were, to the end of the letters "mswitch0" are values that affect the gallery unlocks for the save. Every value in these lines will start with either bs or ms, bs being a boss soul, and ms for a monster soul.Changing the value of the enemies available in this version of the game (so the fox girl, chimera, naga, and the enemies in their towers) to 1 will make the available in the gallery to purchase with souls, but setting the value to 2 will unlock the scene for view.

    Subject 6- Unlocking towers

    Of couse you can try and defeat the bosses for the spheres (in this case defeat Chimera for Earth and Water), but if you look through the code slowly, you will find a value saying "heroHaveGarden1". Now we're skipping a lot of the code before this due to it being essential to trigger certain things, so tampering will cause problems. But next tho that value, should be four other values reading "heroHave" with the appropriate tower for said shpere. Changing these values to 1 will give the player the sphere, aoutmatically bypassing certain dialog without causing errors, and in turn, unlocking all towers (except for earth and fire of course)

    Final subject - Resetting and other

    Now straight after the unlocking the towers section should be values of very similar wording, instead being "heroWinGarden" these values determine your victory over the 3 available bosses, 1 meaning they;re defeated (or befriended in fox girls case) and 0 means they are still a threat. Knowing this is useful as, if you defeated a boss, have their scene, but are submissive and like being dominated in battle before a fuck session (CoC anyone? :P), then you can set the value of the tower back to 0 to respawn the boss.

    The final part is mainly to make a little bit of super clicking less troublesome. Somewher in the last part of code we have not checked is the value "loveOfFox". This is the love level that Fox girl and your hero feel towards one another. Setting this to 100 allows you to get her sex scene instantly without having to ask her a ton of stuff.

    The rest of the code is basically just story related or or achievements that, through a few test tries, will break the save file for you if tampered with.

    Now I know this is one hell of a long ass read so I wouldn't say to overload yourself trying to remember it all at once, but once you've made your changes and are happy with your stats, save the changes you've made and click load from file in game to load up your (presumably) OP save file. Happy fapping!

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    Oh Okay, :D just looked and I'm laughing too hard at my mistake. Whoops!!!

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    What the prior anon meant is that you misspelled "Octopussy" in the subject title. You slid one key to the right when you aimed for the U.

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    P.S I call octo "them" or "they" because it's not just octo working on all of this, there are artists, oother prorgrammers etc.

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    Seems like the octo is a bit pissy

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    Correction for subject 6 - I meant air and fire, not earth (I am very tired as I type this :3)