• Normal casual conversation without anything to do with sex.


    How is everyone?

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  • pizzasliceguy14

    dealing with paranoia and self loathing but other than that im fine

  • Anonymous

    I'm doing pretty good. I just got put as starting wide receiver in my high school's football team. What about you?

  • Anonymous

    being in a relationship feels very uncomfortable when you know the good, the bad and the ugly side of sex

    i wish that i forgot it all. so i may be free from fear of hurting anyone and be less lonely.

    w8 were not suppost to talk about sex sorry lol

  • Anonymous

    im doing fine. im suppose to be studying for the last test im ever gonna get in high school. but im here looking for you know what.

    i need to fix my priorities

    also for the guy who sounds sad and suicidal like his life is pure shit. your not gonna feel better jacking off, porn will make you anxious, get some rest and eat healthy, find a new perspective in your live, one that is outside of your own, you can start by asking someone some questions, the same questions that you ask yourself, find love, find hope, have faith, and chill

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  • Anonymous

    v i can relate to that

  • Anonymous

    Badly. I got pulled from school by my parents, after they found out I attempted suicide twice. My future looks pretty much like shit right now, and I have very little motivation to do anything. For fucks sake, here I am just browsing the forums of a goddamn cheap-ass porn site.

  • bratsxd

    my name jeff

  • Anonymous

    im great, just chillin here

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good

  • Anonymous