• I have a question for you. How do I create a flash game?


    Hello I am an artist.
    I have bin wondering for a while on how people make flash files or get them to stretch in such ways.
    Witch is why I need the proper equipment to make my own game.

    Can anyone give me a link to a file that is both free and full version.
    flv or swf perposes file.

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  • PS3dragon44325

    there are programs that help you do that...

  • Anonymous

    Take apart other's SWFs and figure out how they work. It works with most kinds of coding and such

  • Anonymous

    if only there was some way to search the whole of the internet - there must be information like that out there somewhere!

    imagine if you could just type "create swf" in to some kind of searching engine, how amazing would that be?!