• People can get banned on here?


    If people got banned how to get them unbanned anyway?

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  • Anonymous

    Wtf that's stupid, why on earth would anyone do something that gay?
    Nohomo was a solution and now it's gone.

    This has nothing to do with homophobia, your sources are simply itself if you believe that homophobia is what you think it is.

    Me and my own scales just aren't accepting your sources which appeared instead as a fear/evasion it's simply you adding a mind/part that's appearing instead and with you from/of a projection/source of gay/unintelligence which isn't credited further than itself and without knowledge of anything and noticed/known with words that aren't used to mention anything correctly and extra/uneeded to my value/scale which is substituted and not credited with you Retards. You mentioned and what you are Retards.

    Your admin is only a solution that can be taken so far with his/her's limit in making sense and it's questionable/agreeable that he has a mental disorder which made this website fail to his limits of stupidity. What if he decided some funny joke and made the whole website gay + nothing more?

    If your admin |/+ problem to solution then it's best that you make a website byself that substitutes his mind which is the website here.

    What do you get from his website |/+ gay and mistaken categories.
    Anal's not gay btw, if you calculated then you'll see that there's nothing further to a mind/part when it's gay. Me/Complexity which is not/how, not/how which is value/scale, value/scale which is surface/category, surface/category which is substituted/separate and not credited with minds/parts which aren't credited further than gay/unintelligence.

  • Anonymous

    And the admin removed category nohomo and may have replaced it.

  • Anonymous

    I got banned, don't be a fool! The stupid noob that engolfed me with flame and blasted my account with "Nuke" then said no adrelitons for you forever! "banhammer"

    Really I was banned.

  • Anonymous

    You can't get banned