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    yall should reopen your discord, it was much easier to keep things flowing between creator and users in my humble opinion, and also spammy if you see this. accept my friend request. its trampoline

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  • Anonymous

    Ya'll need ta make a League Discord server xd

  • WorldTraveller1

    I don't know what is required to be a mod but I would happily apply to be one for this site. I've been using it for god knows how long but only recently created an account. If you're looking for a reliable moderator let me know!

  • admin

    Maybe after we have multiple reliable mods from the site and a lot of spare time.

  • admin

    The discord was closed because we don't have the time to maintain multiple sites including discord with mods going rogue.

  • WorldTraveller1

    Does anyone know why the discord was closed? Went to sleep and when I woke up the next morning it was just gone :'(

  • popy1

    WoW, I hope they do lol, i'm on discord alot Max Di 'Ficulty#8993

  • admin

    Maybe after summer.