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    -and regardless of the dimension. Accidentally hit 'send'? Anyway, the future, present and past are actualky always the past, this is because the future always leads to future, same with the present. That being said, time is the closest thing to 'omnipotent' as it is everywhere, controls our thoughts, our ability to move, and literally, and essentially, can reset the Universe after it's inevitable death.

    The Universe may be large, and, theoretically always expanding, the Universe is technically infinite. Infinite dimensions caused by different choices. Now, does this mean freewill exists? Yes, and no. Freewill, and freedom basically aren't all that logical, especially when time exists. Even in plains of existence where time is said to not exist, it still has a role.

    So, what else? Well, since we discussed that freedom and freewill do not have an existence in our own Universe, so, what explains multiple timelines being created? Easy: the Universe has a set place and time where you can emerge victorious, or infailure. This means that the timelines that are created are created because the Universe has it set out for you. That being said, I hope you can take a bit of time to think about what I have stated.

  • Bobsie696969

    A 20 mintue talk? Alright:

    So, what exactly is the meaning of life anyway? Well, honestly, it literally had no meaning at all, that and the fact that free will actually doesn't exist, this is due to the existence of time. Time being forever present regardless of where you are in the Universe, and egardless

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