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    How do i get the "Bimbo Draft"...can anyone help me

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    Not sure if this site's version is recent enough, but if not, go to fenoxo's blog. First shut down the factory, then search the deep woods until you find Zetaz's lair, fight through the imps and defeat him, he drops Bimbo Liquer. Go to find Lumi the alchemist by randomly exploring and pay 100 gems to enhance it into Bimbo Draft.
    If you go to fenoxo's blog and play the updated version you can randomly get a Bimbo Liquer when defeating enemies. Hope this was helpful

  • Anonymous

    If you could find a way to corrupt Niamh She Gives You Bimbo Champagne. But as for Bimbo Liquor... Beating Tamani in a fight might give you one.

  • Anonymous

    Its been a while...
    Get Whateverthefuck draft then get it enhanced at that girls shop.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of goblins in the woods

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea but the game is extremly good and intruiging at the least.... Always play as a female because a guy getting fucked up the ass in unappealing