• Why are there so many guys here asking for kik and sex and shit?


    Like seriously i thought this site was about games.

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  • Anonymous

    virgins lol

  • furryhusbandos

    someone started and everyone else followed because people are horny and retarded

  • TwistedLogik

    (2 down.) Incidentally, I enjoy a lot of the MLP content on here and would never think to contact some random individual for that kind of thing. It has very little to do with what a persons fetishes are, but the fact that they know they can get away with it. The site is sex-related (even if it's gaming focused), therefore people say that kind of shit. It's not that different to any other porn site really.

  • Anonymous

    kik me girls hornyoldwang

  • Anonymous

    Because the percentage of desperate virgins (often with severe mental illness) is very high. What kind of people faps to MLP? Retarded manchild virgins and autistic ottakus, exactly. Those are the people that post here.

  • Anonymous

    shutup all of you

  • Anonymous

    cuz dem boys horny but images of my puss puss are only for the most pristine gentlemen, and we all know those dont exist so hehe xd

  • admin

    because they're stupid

  • Anonymous

    It's kinda fun to shitpost them though.

  • Anonymous