• lack of good nsfw games recently


    What's with the influx of shitty 3d games and reskins or reuploads ?
    I now flash games are at times hard to make but there are better things to post here than what we've mainly been getting in the past 2-3 months.

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  • furryhusbandos

    go to dz and post something then

  • Anonymous

    still doing more than any admins why do you let garbage on this site?
    it's not that good games arnt being put here alot of the time things come here as soon as theyre found or out but there needs to be more quality over quantity

  • Anonymous

    I hear you. Its just not worth it anymore. You could leave the site and wait for 3 months and youll get 5-6 good games to go...

  • admin

    Also no unity3d shit.

  • admin

    Stop whining or recommend better games to upload.