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    I seem to have unlocked the scene where she Hs you. If you unlocked the next two parts of the story I unlocked it in the second part. It appeared as 'shock massage' for her attack name. It may be random

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    Does anyone know how to get the scene where she H you? It's impossible otherwise

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    Anyone know a way to download the flash offline so I could play it properly without much bugs?

    I tried downloading it the normal way but all the sex scenes are missing from the game, so it must be a separate file, anyone know how to find those files and merge it with the game?

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    why is it not in english

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    Sorry , not "rewind" button , "play" button . If you click rewind it's gonna reset the points

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    For those Who want easy points Click the bottom left scene with the number "1" and when you see the white screen , right click the screen and click "rewind"-> Repeat the process 10-15 times

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    how to do the counter attack,couldnt do it

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    Pro-Tip for getting the final ending, don't worry about fighting her all the way, click as fast as you can as soon as the pink meter for her stays and then fuck her to end the fight instantly. Unless you like pain.

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    A head hit (top hit) does the most damage, but gives you the least amount of pink gauge. A crotch hit (bottom hit) does the least damage, but gives you the most amount of pink gauge.

    After the hit, her pink gauge starts to deplete quickly, so you need to click as soon as possible to open the menu and do another move. You can only do the next step of a combo if you click and open the menu while she still has pink gauge. Similarly, every time she hits you, YOU gain some pink gauge and cannot act until yours depletes. (This is especially tough when she's pinning you.)

    Basically, head hit her until her hp is at about half. Then wait until your blue meter fills up and you have max action points (defend now and then if you see her going for a grapple or a strong move, unless you want to get pinned or kicked). Use an action point to crotch hit her, then quickly click again before her pink gauge depletes. Then follow the combo lists below, making sure to click quickly between menu items. EVERY move you do fills her pink gauge to some degree. If you miss one and her gauge depletes, start over and try again. You need MAX action points for some scenes.

    Also, for some of your grapples, when you're slamming her down, you can click before she hits the floor, so if you see your character grab her, click before you even know what tf is going on to open your menu midair. Good luck.

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    it was built no to be beat

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    for ending 3 (love ending) its not true that you dont need any h scenes at all, you need to either get a footjob from her, lick her or do any scene that doesn`t involve actual sex just once and otherwise follow the steps described below and you`ll get it.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know how any of you get the scenes, no matter how much i change my stats, i always hit too hard and she just loses all her hp before i can even get these scenes, i gave up

  • kaka157

    Here's some more info I found from ulhf. I haven't actually played this game yet, this is just stuff I thought might be useful.

    How to Setup a combo:
    0.) Unlock ALL the skills below the stat boosts.
    1.) get her below ~half HP
    2.) Stock up on a bunch of Action points.
    3.) Normal attack the lowest of the three attack points.
    4.) INSTANTLY reopen the action menu, If you done it right, she will still have some of the small gauge bar (the thing below the hp bar)
    5.) Select the left menu for a special attack. All four special attacks open for different follow ups. Combos below.
    6.) After the special attack gets through, INSTANTLY open the menu again. (That is why you need to pile a bunch of action points before starting all this)

    Combos and their results:
    The Number reflects the "number" of the button, if you count them left to right, top to bottom. So for the Special attack menu (the left Button in the main action menu, which you want to use for Step 4), the numbers for the buttons would be:

    (1) (2)
    (3) (4)

    The first Number is the Button for the special attack that you use in 4.).
    The Button of the second Number will either directly transition into an H-scene (purple button), or require you to INSTANTLY click to open the menu a third time, to chose the 3rd Number.

    1-1-1: Pussy Licking (Doesnt end the round)
    1-2: BJ forcing her head (Doesnt end the round)

    2-1-1: Fuck her while carrying her from behind.
    2-2: Strip Top (Does not end the round)
    2-3: Fuck her from behind, both standing, restraining her arms.

    3-1-1 (You will enter a different "combat mode" after the first "1") Punch her. Does normal damage, KOing her normally if you drop her to 0. Nothign special.
    3-1-2 Titfuck. Only works if you stripped top. (Doesnt end the round)
    3-1-3 Forced BJ with her pinned on her back. (Doesnt end the round)
    3-2 Force her to orgasm with your boot. (Doesnt end the round)
    3-3 Fuck her while she is pinned down on her back.

    4-1 DoggyStyle.
    4-2 Strip bot (Doesnt end the round)

    Othe H Scenes:

    Counter Attack (the lower, purple button in the main action menu): Get her very low, then wait for her to use the attack which name starts with a "square symbol". Open the action menu right when her attack starts. If you did it right, the normal attack button wont work. Select the buttom Button. Will end the round fucking her while holding her leg.

    Cowgirl: One of her strong attacks will lead to her sitting on top of you. While she sits on top of you and punches you, collect a few action points. Get her low. Then punch her once (upper button), then INSTANTLY reopen the menu. If you did it right, she will still have some "gauge" in the the small bar below her HP bar. Select the purple button(3). Will end the round fucking her cowgirlstyle.

    That should be all.


    1.) Violation: Just fuck her a few times. This one is free.
    2.) Lewd: Dont skip Intro Dialogue: 3rd option in the Into scene. 1st option after first KO, 2nd option after second KO. Have her orgasm at least 4 times. That means you need to use either 1-1-1 or 3-2 at least once AND let her orgasm during all fucks.
    3.) Love: Dont skip Intro Dialogue: 1st Option in the Intro Scene. 1st Option after first KO, 2nd option after second KO. Never use any H moves. KO her with very little overkill, so deal the least dmg possible to KO her (normal attacks to the lowest target)
    4.) 2nd Love Ending: By now you should have unlocked 2 Bonus modes. Select the one that ends with a "2". Just KO her 5 times. You can do pretty much whatever you want during the fight.

  • Anonymous

    I translated the combat options the best I could with Google translate. for the basics:

    For combat:

    -Top: Attack (Regular Attack, Consumption 1)

    -Right: Defense (Reduce Damage, Consumes 2)

    -Bottom: Leg Sweep (Consumption 2-5, Only when health is decreased)

    -Left: Gold Skill (Consuming gauges, Use deadly techniques, must be bought in upgrades)

    -TopL: Heel Drop (Consumption 2 (R) Bends her over front)

    -BotL: Tackle (Consumption 2 (M) Makes her fall over and lie on
    her back)

    -TopR: Gaku ( Right Hook) (Consumption 2 (R) Can put her in backward facing state

    -BotR: Water Surface Kick (Consumption 2, Chance to make her fall back and lie down)

    If she gets on top of you there are 3 options:

    -Top: Punch her (Consumption 1, Creates a small gap)

    -Left: Dismount her (Consumption only 2, Escape mount)

    -Right (Pink): Force her to ride you (Consumption 2-5, H- Technique)

    To get the H scenes (Pink Options), when she has low health, hit her once to make her stumble (face hit), then immediately after (while she’s still stumbled) use one of the special attacks. This is the gap that they refer to. You’ll need enough gages to execute both attacks in tandem.

    If you have enough gauges to do three attacks, (5 at the least) you can do them all at once without lowering her health. (Punch to face, water surface kick, H-Option). It requires fast reflexes.

    These are the options in the upgrade menu:

    STATUS (Top 4)

    (TL) Attack - Damage given
    (BL) Gauge speed - Speed of active gauge
    (TR) Defense - Damage received
    (BR) Spiritual Power - Relates to reaction rate of gap gauge

    SKILLS (listed from the top row to the bottom, left-to-right)

    H Level - Reduces Gauge necessary for H scene

    Prefetching - Displays opponent’s next attack

    Heel Drop - Can Bring her into a crouch state (Consumes 2)*

    Right Hook - can turn knock backwards (Consumes 2)*

    Tackle - If you hit the gap you can lie her on her back (Consumes 2)*

    Mount Position - Lets you get back up

    Water Surface Kick - Can put her in a prone state (Consumes 2)*

    Atomic Drop - Perform when facing backwards (Consumes 2)**

    Power Bomb - Perform when in crouching state (Consumes 2)**

    Foot Capture - (2-5 consumption, depending on H level) Captures her foot when she kicks, and can enter an H scene

    Electric Massage - (Consumes 2) Execute when on your back, hits repeatedly

    *Does Small Damage
    **Does Large Damage

  • Anonymous

    I managed to rip off her bottom. Is it possible to rip off her top?

  • Anonymous

    sean 2 if you take here down with one of the 2 left opions use the left skill so the round will not be end make her come 4 times and the seane is unlockt

  • Anonymous

    its all about the fast win for ending 2

  • Anonymous

    really don't know how to get the last scene on 3rd row

  • Anonymous

    i'm so confused

  • Anonymous

    The 3 scene 3 row is when she H you
    The 4 scene 3 row is a direckt finish counter think was from the roundhouse kick is the balaerina position

  • Anonymous

    sorry that where 4 row

  • Anonymous

    ok the last scene 3 row (first removed panties don´t know if necessery) you need 6 actions first counter her with uper right use white option wihle lifing her up you kan use a pink option . Is a f scene so need probably low hp too
    the one before that (remoed bra before) counter with bottom left use white option to pin her the left pink is it then. Don´t know if low hp needet

  • DaGrim1420

    the only scene im missing is the one just before the last scene. bottom right side of the menu any tips?

  • Anonymous

    because that's the only one i don't know how to get it

  • Anonymous

    anyone know how to get h scene on list, the last one on the 3rd row

  • Anonymous

    anyone know how to get h scene in the table
    the last one on the 3rd row

  • Anonymous

    The way the 2nd ending works is you have to don't skip the intro, pick 3, maker her cum by using the foot move and rubbing her pussy till she coms, or eating her out. When she attacks pick the special attack on the top left. Use this attack when she's around half HP.

    It will say chance, click the mouse and pick number 1. you should pick her up, then click the mouse again to eat her out. This move takes a max bar, so let it charge up. She gets up, then knock her down. Then have sex with her. Then she ask you, pick 1.

    Repeat this again, eat her out, then knock her down, have sex, then she ask you again, pick 2. By now you made her cum 4 times, knock her down again, have sex again, now she has cum 5 times.

  • Anonymous

    Cant do the 2nd ending, made her cum 5 times, still didnt work, is it related to dialog as well?

  • Anonymous

    ending no 2 not working, it's hard to get but I managed to make her cum 2 times each round. Bottom left with pink left option + bottom right + pink option, ensured she have a strong red place a plus plus heart icon when she came all 3 rounds. Still no lewd

  • Anonymous

    For ending 2,
    Don't skip intro
    choose option 3
    make her cum using cunnilingus (upperleft skill) or foot (bottomleft skill)
    make her cum when you defeat her
    choose option 1
    make her cum when you defeat her again
    choose option 2
    make her cum when you defeat her the 3rd time

  • Anonymous

    And about the dialogues? i skip all? its doesn't matter the dialogues?

  • Thy_Name_Be_HORNY

    I got it figured, where the endings that anon posted said "You can do fuck scenes" for the lewd end, consider that as a "You SHOULD do fuck scenes". Fuck her every round, but definitely try to make her cum 4 times (left most pink option when you knock her back with the bottom left special, or top left special, grapple attack follow up, then click the only pink option)

  • Anonymous

    what do you mean by cheat i dont understand

  • Anonymous

    2 Ending Fails

  • Anonymous

    You do NOT need to unlock all the other endings in order to get the 4th ending. I got it while missing the 2nd ending.

  • Anonymous

    How are you supposed to make her cum? Four times, even?

  • Anonymous

    The ending 2 of the guide isnt working for me

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn't expect the translation any time soon, but I found this that might help gameplay-wise
    >Ending 1<
    *Default Ending*
    Beat her 3 rounds while fucking her. DO NOT LET HER BLUSH.

    >Ending 2<
    *Lewd Ending*
    Make her cum more than 4 times. You can do fuck scenes. You can only do this if she blushes. There are 2 types of blush. She must have the dark red blush.

    >Ending 3<
    *Love Ending*
    DO NOT FUCK HER. DO NOT SKIP FIRST SCENE. Cheat with her through game use those lines 1-1-2 and beat her 3 rounds.

    >Ending 4<
    *Ultra Ending*
    Enter Fighting Mode number 3. This can be only activated if all 3 endings are already completed.
    Beat her 5 rounds. Careful her defenses are at her best + she hits hard in round 4-5. You must fuck her instantly if any chance.

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