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  • Anonymous

    submission or tool end defeat her twice dialog 1,2 second dialog 1,1 last round use lust rounds 1,2,and or 3 then get defeated

    lewd end: rape 2 times then use lust bullets 4 times on the 3rd round and let here rape you

    lovers end defeat her restrained 3 times/ no rape also dialog for lovers 2, 1 second dialog 1, 1

    rape preg rape 3 times

  • Anonymous

    rape end just rape her once

  • Anonymous

    the h scene wont work on download at all

  • Anonymous

    |Loli asleep|:
    When the Special Attack "Sleep" is used on loli and shield is destroyed
    [Capture] [Kick]
    [Missionary] [Doggie Style]
    Capture: Ties up the loli, resets her Energy bar (Vertical pink bar on left) and replaces [Capture] with [Cowgirl] and [Doggie style] with [Titfuck], costs 1 move point.

    Kick: Deals high HP damage, fills up orange bar, costs 1 move point

    Missionary, Doggie style, Cowgirl, Titfuck: Self-explanatory, cost 2~5 Move points and perform an H-attack

    *Correction for previous post |Loli on the ground|, [Attack] move also restores the energy bar

  • Anonymous

    |Loli on the ground|:
    Will take increased damage from all attacks, slowly charges up her shield (when filled up, flies up again)
    [Trap] [Attack]
    [Block] [Uppercut]
    Trap: Uses an H-Attack if loli uses High Kick (She lifts her leg and kicks you). Loli must be below 1/4 health, consumes 2~5 move points.

    Attack: Deals moderate damage to HP and Shield., costs 1 move point

    Block: Blocks incoming damage, reducing it to 1/4. Consumes 2 move points. If block is used right before a normal attack (when she doesn't charge up her spear), damage is reduced to 0 and costs only 1 move point.

    Uppercut: Deals high health and shield damage, consumes 1/5 of the orange bar, costs 1 move point

  • Anonymous

    |Loli in the air|:
    [Special] [Normal attack]

    [Block] [Machine gun]

    Special: Uses the orange bar (the one under the blue health bar) for special attacks. Consumes 1 move point (the cyan bar on the right)

    Normal attack: Deals little damage to loli's health (red bar), deals moderate damage to her shield (pink bar under her health bar), fills up the orange bar. Consumes 1 move point

    Block: Blocks incoming damage, reducing it to 1/4. Consumes 2 move points. If block is used right before a normal attack (when she doesn't charge up her spear), damage is reduced to 0 and consumes only 1 move point.

    Machine gun: Deals high health and shield damage, consumes 1/5 of the orange bar, costs 1 move point

    Trap: Uses an H-Attack if loli uses Spear Thrust (she flies up and thrusts down on you with her spear). Loli must be below 1/4 health, costs 2~5 move points.

    |Special attacks|:
    [Remove top] [Shock]
    [Remove bottom]

    [Sleep] [Bait]
    Remove top: Deals moderate HP and Shield damage, uses 1/3 of orange bar, if used when loli's shield is under 1/3 - removes top piece of clothing

    Remove bottom: Deals moderate HP and Shield damage, uses 1/3 of orange bar, if used when loli's shield is under 1/3 - removes bottom piece of clothing

    Shock: Deals low HP damage but huge Shield damage, uses 1/3 of orange bar

    Sleep: Deals moderate HP and Shield damage, consumes 1/3 of orange bar, after shield is destroyed - puts loli to sleep, unable to act for 1 move

    Bait: Deals moderate HP and Shield damage, consumes 1/3 of orange bar, after shield is destroyed - loli becomes lustful and her next attack is an H-attack

    The special attacks have a limited quantity. You can see how many you have left in the top right corner under your health bar. The names of the special attacks are in the same order as the special attacks (Top left: clothing, Top right: shock, Bot left: sleep, Bot right: bait)

  • Anonymous

    there are 5 modes

  • Anonymous

    so I just discovered a 4th mode, endless mode

  • Anonymous

    Please upload the new game the great demoness even in jap anche

  • Anonymous

    Getting the 3 th ending is very hard like I following what it should be done but still when i do the steps it only puts me in the 2 th ending is this broken who am I stupid lol well if you know how to get the 3th please send me a Dm on my discored or if you need help to get 1 and 2 4 and 5 and all 13 of the endings on the normal H battles, discored: greenman#3112

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    . Overthrow the great demoness Please!

  • Anonymous

    Someone uploaded the last game of jsk. Overthrow the great demoness pleeeeeeease

  • Anonymous

    All Scenes, Probably

    - 5 Endings: Slave, Slave (Preg Variant), Nympho/Lust, FemDom/Submission, Love
    - 5 General: Round Win Missionary, Round Win Doggy, Restrained Missionary, Restrained Cowgirl, Restrained Titjob
    - 4 Retaliations: KO Missionary, KO Doggy, Leg-Up Counter, Standing Counter
    - 4 Female Led: Blowjob, Eating Out/69, Fem Solo/Footjob/Magic Handjob, Cowgirl

    That's all the scenes in the bottom menu, as well as 5 total game modes. Remember, you can't get endings playing game 1, and you have to beat her in three rounds in G1 to unlock G2-1 and G2-1, which you can get endings in.

  • Anonymous

    The pink buttons are the Counters. You can only use them to retaliate when she does a Physical (low damage) attack.

    Counter on ground: when her health is below 1/4, wait for her to kick. Right as her leg lifts up, click to open the menu. Instead of hitting the defend button, hit the Pink button and you'll get a counter scene.

    Counter in air: when her health is below 1/4, wait for her to jump up and do her leaping attack. When she's high above you, before she strikes, click to open the menu and hit the Pink button. You'll get another new scene. Because it's hard to lower her health when she's in the air, I recommend knocking her to the ground first, lowering her health to below 1/4, and then letting her shield meter build back up so she can rise back into the air.

    Both of these count as sex scenes/ victories for the match. -2uxx

  • Anonymous

    The bottom pink option you can unlock is for Countering, I think.

  • Anonymous

    Absolute noob battle guide:
    Menu with lots of buttons is your upgrade menu, you need to upgrade 4 big buttons to ease the future pain:
    Top left - attack power
    Top right - stun power
    Lower left - HP
    Lower right - speed(creates "charges" faster)

    I recommend max out speed first.

    Actual Fight guide:

    In order to win, you need to knock her down from the air and then finish her off.

    In battle, click anywhere to open a menu:
    Top left - special (havent used yet)
    Top right - basic attack
    Lower left - block
    Lower right - multi attack
    Lower center - ????

    In order to do any of these you need to wait for your meter to charge up. Every action, idealy, uses one charge, but if you block too soon it would take 2 charges.
    Pay attention to her pose, if she seems relaxed, next attack will be a light attack, if you block right as she attacks the block would take you only 1 chrg. If she is defensive(dual wields the staff), it means next attack will be a heavy one and you should block before she starts, since you cant do anything under heavy.
    Shooting her dmgs her hp and stamina(little pink meter under hp), to bring her down you need to zero out her stamina.
    When she land, your attacks become much more powerfull. Most of the rules here are the same, just dont let her refill stamina.

    So heres my vegetable like strategy. Tank the dmg, charge up and destroy her. It takes 3-4 shoots with evrything maxed to bring her down, then do the same but dont let her fly again.
    Hope it helps anyone

  • Anonymous

    For the Slave Ending, you need to rape her all 3 times, as well as make her cum once per round. You also need to use 4 lust shots on the last round right before you beat her the last time. the first two rounds are fairly simple, you just need to hit her with 1 lust shot each time, and make her finger herself to completion. When her health is 1 hit away, try to build up some action and skill points for the next round. Do the same thing in round 2; 1 lust shot, build up points for the final round. The last round is pretty tricky, but i figured out a way to make it easier: use a knockout shot along with the first lust shot, and wait for her to wake up and finger herself. That way, you should have enough action points and life to hit her with the 4 lust shots and finish her off before you die/get raped. Bear in mind, she doesnt need to be on the ground when you defeat her for the last time. Hopefully this guide helps, and thanks for reading. Happy fapping!

  • Anonymous

    nevermind, i just got it

  • Anonymous

    anybody know how to get 3rd scene on third row

  • Anonymous

    Known Bugs CONT'D

    3. Just got this one as I tried to swap around a bunch. Swapping to another ending from ending 4 once you got the slave version of Magical Girl to go ahego soft locks the game in the intro of Love End.

  • Anonymous

    100% guide(absolute max stats, all scenes unlocked, and a tutorial in combat. Simply use ctrl + f to look for specific things in the guide.).

    Stats:Nothing that really needs to be noted if you're a fan of JSK's work, but it is of important note that the cap for your stats increase the more scenes you unlock.

    Fight 1:How you play affects which 2nd version gets unlocked first(rape her the whole time, 2-2, and reverse for 2-1). Nothing else matters. Perfect place to get the scenes and acquire higher levels.

    Fight 2:Easily harder than normal, can now unlock endings.

    Combat:Top left is special attack inventory, more on that a little later. Top right is normal attack, gain special attack power. Bottom left is special attack. Bottom Right is defend. Do not bother with pink circle, as it is useless, and is a complete waste of time playing with. Special attack power underneath HP.

    The Magical Girl will have a shield that increases in strength every loss(visible to right of her action bar). Deplete it to 0 via regular/special/inventory attacks and you'll be able to damage her better.

    Combat Inventory:Top left is clothing attack, which only breaks clothing when used to break shield. Does normal special attack damage. Top right is the shield breaker, which does immense damage to shield. Does slightly below average special attack damage. The bottom attacks are to be continued in pt2. Ammo cannot be used again until shield is restored. Ammunition count is visible to the left of your action bar.

    Combat Inventory pt2:Bottom right, the lust attack, is the only attack that stacks after it's used, and takes effect once shield is down. 1st shot causes her to give footjobs, magic handjobs, and masturbating above your face. 2nd shot is a blowjob. 3rd shot is a 69/face ride scene. 4th shot is forced reverse vaginal rape(meaning it counts as a rape and wins the fight). Deals slightly below special attack damage.

    Bottom right is the knockout attack. When used to break shield, knocks out Magical Girl, and allows you to kick her in top right, bottom buttons to rape her in missionary and doggy style, or restrain her in top left, extending the time allowed as she wakes up, but changes the menu to finger her in top right, forced cowgirl rape in bottom left, forced titfuck(doesn't count as winning the fight however).

    Victory Options:Left is missionary rape, right is doggystyle rape, middle is spare(no rape).

    Counter:Currently unknown, but probably just like any other JSK fighting game. Get her low health, and wait for specific moves to happen, so you could click the counter option that appears very briefly.

    Endings(only obtainable in 2-1/2-2 mode):

    1. Slave(otherwise known as rape) Ending:Just rape her once. Is auto-obtained when you try not to rape at all in 2-2 mode.

    2. Pregnart Slave(aka rape) Ending:Rape her the whole game.

    3. Submission Ending:Play 2-1 mode and do not rape her at all for the first two rounds. I don't know if it's necessary or not, but do like what the others say for dialogue, choosing top(1) and bottom(2), then top(1) twice.

    Initiate two lust scenes of any variety up to scenes 1-3(4 will count as rape), or do the scene that don't count as rape(forced titfuck) at least twice in the third round. You then proceed to find the quickest way to kermit suicide in-game.

    4:Lust(aka Slave) Ending:Play on 2-2, and rape her every round making sure she cums by going as hard as possible(its when her blush is at it's highest, she goes ahego, or when you see hearts in her dialogue), but on the final round, hit her with four lust attacks, and let her rape you/you rape her.

    Like Teidor said, blues eyes should signify that you've done it, but if it still isn't the case, just grind up to 12 shots and shoot her with 4 lust darts every round and let her rape you(but still keep the speed setting to it's highest to ensure she cums. Easy, and works.

    5:Love End:Just go into 2-1 and just don't rape her at all. Restraining and using lust scenes 1-3 are still perfectly usable.

    Bugs found on the side:

    1. When swapping to another ending without inserting the dick in, the game will go black, and only the sounds of sex and music will be heard.

    2. Swapping to the 4th ending without selecting a speed option causes a animation cycle to start; with the dick whited out.

  • Teidor

    P.S. You have to rape and make her cum every round aswell.

  • Teidor

    Actual solution for

    SLAVE END: Defeat her 3 times on 2-2, but on the 3RD ROUND inflict Aphrodisiac 4 times and then DEFEAT her before she rapes you.

    Charge a lot of moves and power, because i made it with a sliver of my health left and she nearly filled her gauge to rape me.

    If Alpha(Blue Eyes) stay at the end of the battle, you've done it.

  • Anonymous

    how to get more aphrodisiac shots?im only got 11

  • Thy_Name_Be_HORNY

    Another odd thing I found, apparently, KOing her, tying her up, then forcing a titfuck doesn't affect love ends. I'm beginning to think JSK is getting looser and looser with their definition of "rape"

  • Anonymous

    5. LOVERS END: defeat her 3 times in 2:1, no rape. first dialog: pick 2 then 1. second dialog: pick 1 then 1.

  • Anonymous

    SLAVE END: use 4 aphrodisiac shots continue on her before magic barrier break, break the barrier than let her rape you. Repeat the step until finish. first dialog: pick 2. second dialog: pick 1.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE END: Defeat her in restraint with top right attack in 2-1 3 times

  • Anonymous

    Special bottom right (one of the special bullets) is like a horny shot, the attack she uses right after she falls from it is a blow job.

  • Anonymous

    managed to get what im guessing is the love end by playing 2-1 and choosing the first choice except the 2nd fight as i then chose the 2nd choice and then the 1st for the rest

  • Thy_Name_Be_HORNY

    Found something odd. If you're going for a rape end (any of the first 3, doing this will ruin the other 2), and you knock her out then restrain her, using the bottom right (forced titfuck) makes it so that the sleep shot doesn't seem to wear off, so she'll be KO'd again next time you get her out of the air without the use of another sleep shot. Not sure if it's a bug but it helps with saving your special meter for other attacks.

  • Anonymous

    1. RAPE END: defeat her all three times in either 2:1 mode or 2:2 mode, but ONLY rape her ONCE! that's it!

    2 RAPE END (prengnant): rape her three times, that's all!

    3. SLAVE END: rape her 3 times in 2:2 mode, making her cum. use 4 aphrodisiac shots on her, then first dialog: pick 2. second dialog: pick 1.

    4. SUBMISSION END: start mode 2:1; 1st round: win with NO rape, pick dialog 1 then 2. second round: win with NO rape, pick dialog 1 then 1. third round: activate aphrodisiac scene 2 times with 1 shot each; then lose.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE END: win the 3 rounds, no rape her, dialogs: pick 1

  • Karuzo2015

    3. SLAVE END: rape her 3 times in 2:2 mode, making her cum. use 4 aphrodisiac shots on her, then first dialog: pick 2. second dialog: pick 1.

  • Karuzo2015

    2 RAPE END (prengnant): rape her three times, that's all!

  • Karuzo2015

    1. RAPE END: defeat her all three times in either 2:1 mode or 2:2 mode, but ONLY rape her ONCE! that's it!

  • Anonymous

    for 3rd ending do 2-1 mode and do like your trying to get the love ending but win 2 then lose the last one

  • Anonymous

    If you're having trouble beating her AT ALL, and you have maxed attributes, just get stun and KO shots, as well as Restrain and the ability on the center right. The center right ability allows you to hit her magic gauge much harder than normal.

    Quickly charge up special, hit her with a KO and Stun, that almost always knocks her to the ground if you've maxed the center right ability. If not, just hit her with a normal bullet.

    This will put her to sleep for a bit. DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO HER UNTIL HER GAUGE IS NEARLY FULL. Just charge your attacks, and once her gauge is almost full, use the top left option to capture her. This gives you more time to charge attacks (or activate a scene) and if you've got too many attacks charged, hitting her while she's captured charges your special very fast.

    On the ground, your attacks do a much larger amount of damage, but more importantly, her attacks charge your special by a lot and won't do as much if you don't have enough actions to block. While she's on the ground, just hit her as many times as you can until she's almost dead. Then let her hit you back so you charge up your special and action meter. If her magic is about to refill, just hit her with a normal attack. If one or both of your meters are full, just hit her with a normal.

    Following rounds, use the same cheesy strategy. KO -> Stun, charge up, restrain, continue charging, combo her like it's Street Fighter, let her beat you up a little bit so you can charge actions and special, then finish her off.

    Easiest way to get the Love ending. Or any ending, really. Except Aphro endings.

  • Thy_Name_Be_HORNY

    Update: Just found what the bottom left special is; an aphrodisiac and /or hypno bullet. Turns her on (may have been mixing the effect with the attack when she's restrained). Hitting her with it in the air makes her rape you next time you break her wings, and the more you shoot her with, the different the sex scene: 1 = footjob/magical masturbation 2 = blow-job 3 = cunt licking/69 and 4+ = sex (cowgirl)

  • Thy_Name_Be_HORNY

    Correction on the love end. I believe you need to do a lot of restraint attacks and arouse her alot, not sure if the dialogue matters

  • Thy_Name_Be_HORNY

    -- Upgrade menu -- (WIP)

    Top left stat - attack
    Bottom left - max hp
    Top right - how much you stun her (I believe)
    Bottom Right - speed

    Most of the ones below that seem to be H-scene related but one of them seems to affect the amount of special you get (haven't pinpointed it yet)

    -- Attack menu -- (WIP)

    Top right - attack
    Bottom right - multi
    Bottom left - defend
    Top left - special attacks;
    ---Top left - clothes attack
    --- Top right - stun shot (does high stun damage to her (pink meter))
    --- Bottom left - KO shot (low stun damage, knocks out girl if stun is depleted with shot)
    --- Bottom right - unsure (seems the same as previous)

    Note: High strength, frequent, normal attacks can also KO her

    -- KO attacks --

    Top right - attack
    Bottom right - rape (doggystyle)
    Bottom left - rape
    Top left - restrain (wakes her up, opens more attack options, disables her attacks for short time)

    -- Restrained attacks --

    Top right - attack (arouses her)
    Top left - rape (forced cowgirl)
    Bottom right - forced titfuck
    Bottom left - rape (missionary)

    Endings (so far)

    1: Rape: Have sex with her in any special mode and win all 3 times
    1.5. Rape (Pregnant): As far as I can tell, fuck and make her come 3 times
    2: (WIP)
    3: (WIP)
    4: Love (I think): Win extra mode 1 3 times, choosing the top dialogue each time (needs testing),

    That's all I got for now, hope I helped