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    How do you play this game? How do you get a good ending? I keep playing and playing, and I can't seem to make any actual progress and the only pieces of "evidence" I can find are the plushie and the boombox. I know there are about three good endings. Does anyone have a walkthrough or some tips or anything?

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    I got the Tora and Saxon endings thanks to this! THANK YOU SO MUCH

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    Thanks! This helped a lot!

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    The game shuffles the endings so you don't know which ending you'll get. So here are some hints that will help you solve the puzzle. If they are all somehow innocent, though I've never seen it happen, the fourth culprit option could be explained through completely interrogating Bernard.

    The evidence items in the game:
    Lotion(Living Room) - Bernard is a possible suspect. Show the bottle Andy and he'll point you to Bernard. Who'll admit it's his and show the possible connection.

    Boombox(Living Room)- Tora did it if you didn't find the magazine in the library. Saxon will tell you that the annoying music belongs to Tora. Tora will then admit to the boombox being his.

    Towel(Kitchen)Bernard is innocent if found. Belongs to Tora to get Bernard to tell you how he is innocent. Show this to Tora then Bernard

    Plushie(Kitchen)-Saxon did it if computer logs are not found in the gym. Andy will tell you that Saxon was looking for it when you show it to him.

    Magazine(Library)- Tora is innocent if found. Bernard will tell you who owns it and Tora will admit it's his after showing it to Bernard.

    Computer Logs (Gym) - Saxon is innocent if found. Bernard will tell you that he saw Saxon print these out and then you confront Saxon about.