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    I'm really bored, so I made a list of sex games/loops on this site and a few others, and now I'm going through each one, from the top all the way down about 70 different flashes, and seeing if I last to the bottom.


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  • Anonymous

    Actually I've been on that, it's at the top, and the starting rule is I have to read through 5 sex scenes of my choosing before I move on, not on this site though, I go to fenoxo's blog to play it, as theres more stuff. And the scenes can be anything from consensual sex based to being raped 'till my character becomes a slave.
    Good thinking though, like your style :)

  • TheNecromancer

    Corruption of Champions. If you last through that your doing it wrong.

    If not that, then wakfu is a good one.