• any girls wanna talk dirty


    If u want to gave some fun chat hit me up with ur number girls only please

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    no fuckin gayui nigga! im black and 9 yearsb old!

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    intro:"My my, dear. We simply must get rid of that bulge in your trousers! How else am I to make you new pants?"
    general:"Wow, so this is the cause! It's massive, *YOU*,"
    general:"Just don't make me look unladylike!"
    general:"Your cock is amazing! Simply marvelous!"
    general:"Don't worry. Mama Rarity will take care of you, *YOU* (I think I'm in love!!)"
    general:"Wow! I'm impressed!"
    general:"Just don't go blabbing to the girls about this! I have a reputation to uphold, you know."
    general:"I'm getting wet just looking at it, *YOU*!"
    general:"Trust me, dear, I don't disappoint! I'm a professional, you know!"
    general:"Push me down if you must, dear!"
    resistance:"Just push, darling! I'll go further soon!"
    resistance:"Make me drool, *YOU*!"
    resistance:"I LOVE YOU *YOU*!"
    resistance:"Mister *YOU*, I hope this isn't the only time you come by the shop. I don't think I can bear just doing this one time!"
    resistance:"I love you *YOU*! Don't stop!!"
    resistance:"That's not deep enough for you * YOU*, I can do better, darling!"
    first_throat:"Do anything you want to this face, darling! I'm yours!"
    first_throat:"I am so wet, *YOU* Keep going!"
    first_throat:"Perhaps you can go further? Though I must say, I can barely fit your... enormous cock this far down. (I hope you stay hard a long time. I've a terat for you later)"
    first_throat:"This fucking cunt is all yours * YOU*,,"
    first_throat:"That's so deep, *YOU*, I'm not done with you just yet!"
    first_throat:"So deep! Please continue to fuck my throat dear!"
    first_throat:"I just want to please the customer, * YOU*, push it harder!"
    first_throat:"Don't stop * YOU*! I want you to fuck my face until we both cum!"
    first_throat:"I'll do this all night if you'd like, dear."
    first_throat:"This simply won't do, *YOU*, I'll try my best to suck you deeper"
    first_throat:"I'll try my best to take you all! After all, I am the element of generousity!"
    first_throat:"Your dick is so big and hard! After we finish up here, I'd like you to show me what else you can do with it!!"
    first_throat:"Don't stop *YOU*, The customer deserves the best, and I am the element of generousity!"
    first_dt:"There. That's how it's done. Now let me continue to show you what a propper lady can do,*YOU*!"
    first_dt:"Well, I'd say that was quite generous of me, wouldn't you?"
    first_dt:"Your cock is the largest I've ever gotten that far, darling!"
    first_dt:"* YOU*, do you like it when mama Rarity goes all the way down like that?"
    first_dt:"This is only the beginning, *YOU*!"
    pull_off:"My appologies, *YOU*, it's been a while since I've done this. Just hold me down harder."
    pull_off:"GRAB ME AND FORCE ME DOWN ON YOUR COCK! (Oh, the girls are going to be jealous.)"
    pull_off:"Perhaps I should call the girls? I may need their help with this monster!"
    pull_off:"Oh my god, yes ! Force me like that! Just the way mama Rarity likes it! Treat me like a whore!"
    pull_off:"You're the customer! Fuck me however you'd like!"
    pull_off:"I'm sorry! Oh, this is the WORST, POSSIBLE, THING! You'll have to teach me a lesson, *YOU*!"
    pull_off:"Sorry dear! I won't stop again, not until you're satisfied with my work!"
    pull_off:"Maybe you should simply force me down? (I imagine the letter I send to the princess after this will be her favorite so far!)"
    pull_off:"Grab my head, and pull, darling! Here, let Rarity be your slut!"
    held:"Oh yes, Make me choke on your cock! That's how a man should treat a lady!"
    held:"Don''t stop until I choke!"
    held:"Your dick is so large. Perhaps Twilight can help me find a spell to enlarge my throat."
    held:"This is how I like it! Watch the store for me if I faint though..."
    held:"Maybe we should close the shop before we continue,*YOU*."
    held:"Sorry, darling! Oh, the girls need to try this!"
    wake:"Helping me fall asleep, and staying until I wake? How gentlemanly!"
    wake:"Oh my,,,,*YOU*? It wasn't very lady like of me to pass out. I'm sorry."
    wake:"What happened ? I didn't disappoint the customer, did I, *YOU* ! I'll finish the job now!"
    wake:"*YOU, * ... You made me faint! Just be sure Sweetie Belle or her friends don't see us like this."
    wake:"*YOU, *... I'm glad you're still here. Shall we continue, *YOU*? "
    vigourous:"Let's keep going, darling! I'm feeling generous! Besides, you only came *FINISHES*!"
    vigourous:"Yes! Rarity likes it rough!"
    vigourous:"Treat me like the slut I am! Mama Rarity likes it like this!"
    vigourous:"Thank you for being rough! It shows you aren't afraid to show dominance, dear!"
    vigourous:"Keep this up, and I might let you have my pussy, *YOU*!"
    vigourous:"Do you like this? I want to taste your cock sweat!"
    pre_cum:"I see the look on your face, darling. Where do you want to cum?"
    pre_cum:"Again, *YOU*? This makes *FINISHES*!"
    cum_on_face:"So much cum,*YOU*, after *FINISHES*! I'm flattered."
    cum_on_face:"You came all over my face, thank you !"
    cum_on_face:"*Ooh. Cum is good for the skin, you know."
    cum_in_mouth:"Do you want me to swallow, dear?"
    cum_in_mouth:"Please, *YOU* let me swallow your cum!"
    cum_in_throat:"That was quite the generous helping, dear!"
    cum_in_throat:"That tastes absolutely delicious, darling! All the elegant women swallow these days."
    cum_in_throat:"Mmm... Did you save some for my pussy, *YOU*?"
    cum_in_throat:"You came straight into my stomach, *YOU*! After *FINISHES* today, I'm amazed you have so much left!"
    cum_in_eye:"Ow! A lady should not be treated in this manner! I demand an appology!"
    swallow:"The best I've tasted, and I've been to orgies with nobles!"
    swallow:"I love your taste, *YOU*!"
    swallow:"Thank you for doing business with me, darling! Don't hesitate to come back!"
    swallow:"I must be the most beautiful woman in all of Equestria to recieve so much cum!"
    drool:"I couldn't swallow it all, *YOU*. Looks like I need to be taught a lesson!"
    drool:"Too much for even me! That's quite impressive, dear!"
    restart:"Oh, am I still that attractive after *FINISHES*?"
    restart:"Again?! After *FINISHES*! I'm calling you again next week for Twilight's birthday party!"
    restart:"You're still hard?! After *FINISHES* ? Who can blame you of course? I am Rarity, after all!"
    restart:"Don't you think *FINISHES* is enough!? No? I don't blame you!"


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