• Fucking a horse for real


    I am a swedish boy and i would love to fuck a mare, call me if you live on a horse farm +46700237303

    or text... preferably europe :D

    im nut sure i am up for traveling across the world just to know what its like to be a stallion ;p

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  • ThePimpMacDaddy

    Good thing you said mare. Otherwise we would have another "Mr. Hands" situation.

  • jct400thz

    no wonder ponies cum so much in the clop swfs! that's how real horses work apparently..

  • anthonydarkhorse

    that sounds pretty hot to me. I wish i could get the chance to pound a mare pussy like that

  • Anonymous

    I said mare, thats the female horse, it does not mean i want a horse dick up my ass, i means i want to stand on a chair behind a female horse and pump her pussy,

    silly you..

  • Anonymous

    you'd die from the penatration and size alone.
    And they cum buckets.