• Succubus Uncensored


    Another ending,**important don't destory any armor**,pick 1 before fight begins, hp<2000 she will talk to you pick 2, hp<800 she will talk to you but it will take a while pick 3 then lose to her after that you get regular sex then DOGGYSTYLE!!Alright next one **IMPORTANT only destroy her 2 red armor** before fight,1 in fight take her hp>2000 talk to her 1,1 then she talk to you,3 next take her hp>1000 then talk to her 1,2 then she talk to you,2 talk to her again 2,2 then defeat her1 of the ending,take her hp>2000 then her talk to you choose 2,next take her hp>1000 she talk to you again choose 1 **THEN YOU HAVE TO LOSE THE FIGHT** (make sure after you choose first one she have to smile)

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