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    I am submissive; I'm recommended for dominants!

    Likes: Consensual, MLP, tentacles/slimes, magic, giving blowjobs, and being penetrated from any three holes (Mouth, vagina, butt)!

    Dislikes: Scat, watersports, vore, nonconsensual, violence, and people under 18.

    Username is "theonetheonlykirby"!

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  • Minitank20

    Is this girl legit?

  • TwoHanded

    Fair enough, sensible attitude.

  • Perverted_Kirby

    I'm only adding people on Skype; I will not send any emails, or personal information for that matter.

  • Anonymous

    im 26 yrs old

  • TwoHanded

    25m would love to dominate your holes, can send you pictures if you like - [email protected]

  • Anonymous