• monthly manful the mailman where is it


    help pot a link

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    try this

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    Rimming ending:

    Touch: The yellow mailbox
    Can I help you?
    Are you lost?
    Touch: the street between his torso and his arm
    You are a hot looking guy
    Open your shirt, have some air
    Nice legs
    how about having some afternoon delight?
    Get comfortable take your underwear off.
    Touch Cock
    Delive that load straight through my throat

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    Fuck ending

    oh,hello there!
    can i help you?
    are you...lost?
    wow, that bag looks really heavy,...
    touch all
    ever had any trouble delivering mail?
    you´re a hot looking guy
    open up your shirt, have some air.
    touch all
    nice legs. how about showing ´em all off?
    touch all
    people must love it when you deliver their mail.
    how ´bout we have some afternoon delight?
    damn, man, you´re fit!
    get comfortable, take your underwear off.
    touch nipples and cock
    deliver that load, straight down my throat!

    can somebody help my by the other ending?

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    =..= I want a walkthrough

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    go on search then type manful
    scroll all the way down and there it is

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    need a mediafire download link and Guide :((