• I need advice. 16 f


    is it bad to be 94 lbs, all of the guys want thick thighs and all i get is weird looks like I am anorexic of something. I'm not.

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  • Anonymous

    There is no problem with that. I'm sure you're beautiful 😊

  • Anonymous

    do u have kik

  • Anonymous

    i bet u look beautiful

  • Anonymous

    dam sure you are a beauty of you own

  • Wallrider

    I hate to be this guy but me personally, looks aren't everything.
    To me personality is key.So what if you get some weird looks from time to time, as long as you keep putting yourself out there, you'll find someone.

  • Aceano

    I for instance try to find some girls in skype for some cyber. Pictures/viedoes/camera. And i find everything else. Aka. Males. Payed shows. Kik or Instagram. But not skype. Bad luck I guess.

  • queza

    true story, aceano

  • Aceano

    Well. Some guys will like girls with curves while some guys will like girls who are skinny/average/bbw etc etc. You just happen to find guys who prefer a more busty girl.