• I need advice f16


    me and dad got drunk one night and i remembered the game on here with the family stuff so i thought i'd try it...anyway i tasted him and loved it, but i don't know what i should do, do i try to suck him again or try to pretend it didn't happen?

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  • Anonymous

    Is this even a question worth answering i mean come on do i suck my dad off again hmm let me think of course not just chuck it up to alcohol and never do it again.
    People that say do it again there is seriously something wrong with you and big cock20 what are you doing with your life i mean honestly i'm all for you drinking a nice cup 'o' bleach

    Rant over thank you and goodbye

  • Anonymous

    Hey anonymous this is big cock20 how about u slit ur neck die u retard basturd

  • Anonymous

    You are all faggots. no don't suck off your goddamn father
    1. illegal.
    2. immoral
    3. you're a fucking idiot for doing this. making a post also was retarded, because now more people know, which means more of a chance of your father going to jail like the _ scum he is
    also, bigcock20, go drink bleach and die

  • Anonymous

    wait a week or two to see if he makes and notice able advances if not, try walking out naked for some reason and see if that gets any notice. if all else fails try again if you still want to.

  • Anonymous

    u can taste me and even swalllow my cum

  • Anonymous

    The question is, how deep is your desire?

  • Wallrider

    A bit of an interesting situation but in all honesty, if its just between you and him, stop, if hes a married man this is really going to throw a spanner in the works if someone else finds out.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is this crap? No, don't do that again.

  • Anonymous

    i would go for it again, no harm no fowl right?

  • pbond

    Sound like a dream.

  • Anonymous

    Don't do it, these people on here are horny fucks.

  • Anonymous

    Lucky him, do it again

  • TsukikoDarkmoon

    Suck him again.


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