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  • Canterlot S... Canterlot Siege 2 game
    Canterlot Siege 2: My Little Pony tower defense now with new ponies!
  • Tentacle Wars Tentacle Wars game
    Tentacle Wars: Extend your organisms' tentacles and connect to other organisms as you try to exterminate your enemy in each zone.
  • Hex Empire Hex Empire game
    Hex Empire: A turn-based strategy game in which you must defend your capital city and try to conquer enemy capitals.
  • Civilizatio... Civilizations Wars game
    Civilizations Wars: Lead your nation to victory!
  • Dicewars Dicewars game
    Dicewars: Turn-based strategy game where you have to conquer the territories of your opponents by attacking them with your dice.
  • Cursed Trea... Cursed Treasure game
    Cursed Treasure: Don't touch my gems!
  • Island Tribe 3 Island Tribe 3 game
    Island Tribe 3: Having made a wish in front of the Altar of Wishes, the settlers find themselves back at their home island again!
  • Age Of War 2 Age Of War 2 game
    Age Of War 2: Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy's.
  • Mastermind:... Mastermind: World Conqueror game
    Mastermind: World Conqueror: Manage your minions, defend your base, and conquer this puny planet once and for all!
  • Phage Wars 2 Phage Wars 2 game
    Phage Wars 2: Built on the extremely powerful Betz Biosystems, Phage Wars 2 is set up within a testing environment built around genetically modifying viruses. Your goal is to create the most powerful virus ever by defeating all the other genetically engineered viruses in this fast paced, strategy game.
  • Ghost Hacker Ghost Hacker game
    Ghost Hacker: Use your hacking skills to take back cyberspace from rogue AIs!
  • Steamlands Steamlands game
    Steamlands: Destroy tanks and rebuild your own tank.
  • Spectromanc... Spectromancer: Truth And Beauty game
    Spectromancer: Truth And Beauty: Gamer's Pack.
  • Kingdoms At... Kingdoms At War: Conquest! game
    Kingdoms At War: Conquest!: Enter a world of castles, armies and magic and rule over your new kingdom. Build your army, conquer new lands, form alliances, collect rare artifacts and become the most powerful kingdom in all the land!
  • Tactics 100... Tactics 100 Live! game
    Tactics 100 Live!: Create and upgrade an army of 100 points and send them online to battle other armies.
  • Darkwar Str... Darkwar Strategy: Chapter Two game
    Darkwar Strategy: Chapter Two: Fifth element.
  • Semantic Wars Semantic Wars game
    Semantic Wars: Destroy the castle of the enemy by guessing words.
  • Darkwar Str... Darkwar Strategy: Chapter One game
    Darkwar Strategy: Chapter One: Rise of the dark kingdom.
  • Cursed Trea... Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! game
    Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!: Many new levels!
  • Wasteland D... Wasteland Defender game
    Wasteland Defender: Place towers and use numerous upgrades to defend all of the incoming waves of enemies.
  • Warfare 1917 Warfare 1917 game
    Warfare 1917: Lead the British or German army through the trenches of Europe in this First World War strategy game